Update And Some Initial Comments on Elliot Rodger

My second foreign girlfriend came on a fiancée visa in November and we got married in February. It’s been pretty nuts. She has threatened to leave any number of times and I swear every time the next time I will say “Fine, go.” It would have been a little easier before the wedding.

At some point I will tell the full story of my first and second foreign girlfriends. I don’t know why, other than this blog serves as the barely visited memorial to the shipwreck of my life. Maybe no one, or almost no one, will know the story, but it will be told.

Eliot Rodger is the classic omega meltdown. Few understand this story. A lot of bad things happened to Elliot Rodger and eventually he spiraled out of control. I haven’t read the whole autobiography yet so I can’t completely analyze it. The first thing I can say is conventional mental health treatment failed him, because it doesn’t do much, and game failed him, because game doesn’t work for omegas.

Since I write this in the hope someone like Elliot might be helped, and since he represents in some ways, but not all, a worst case scenario, I want to completely analyze his case and explain why the “help” he was given didn’t work and what might have helped.

3 Responses to Update And Some Initial Comments on Elliot Rodger

  1. zodak says:

    game didn’t fail him. he failed himself. he refused to accept the red pill. he was blue pill through & through.

  2. Erik says:

    Lion of the Blogosphere has meticulously analyzed the case…meticulous to the point that you wonder…

  3. Sheila Tone says:

    One line about you “getting married,” dozens of paragraphs to come about Elliot Rodger, a guy you didn’t know. How to explain this?

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