Black Knighting

The concept of white knighting is a well-worn one in game circles. But there is another kind of  “knighting” I have experienced.

When I was in sixth grade, just starting at a new school, we were all going back to class after recess and a couple of girls yelled something at me, I don’t even remember what. I yelled something back, and they didn’t like this so they summoned a boy to run over and hit me.

This can happen a couple different ways. Most likely, a female is offended by a male and summons a male to attack the male who has offended her. A male could witness some dispute between a male and female and volunteer himself as her champion. Or a female could witness a dispute between two males and encourage the stronger one to attack the weaker one, with herself as an admiring damsel. I have seen all three cases.

This only happens if the target is fairly weak. Black knighting is a form of bullying so the black knight will have the profile of a bully. Women who work with black knights are bullies themselves. Black knighting will normally only occur in an environment where bullying is possible and tolerated, although I was seeing it in a completely adult environment just recently.

Black knighting is a real threat and I don’t know why game theorists have never talked about it, although since they never address omega issues that’s probably the reason. The concept of AMOG- “Alpha Male of the Group”- in which the PUA aggressively engages the big man to preemptively prevent an attack, is sort of an attempt to deal with black knighting. However it will only work if the alpha male either can’t bully in that environment, or doesn’t want to. The AMOGing PUA is then at the indulgence of the AMOG and not really dominating him.

For me approaching women has always felt quite dangerous because of this.


4 Responses to Black Knighting

  1. Sheila Tone says:

    I’ve never seen it happen against men — but I’ve seen it happen yo women. An unattractive guy is trying to score points with a woman, so he aggressively takes her side in a dispute with another woman.

  2. Inquisitivedude says:

    I agree, I’ve seen it happen and have experienced it. Though I’ve seen it more as a verbal assault than a physical one, Where everyone teams up against the weaker male.

  3. The Black Knight says:

    Uhhh.. this is White Knighting. In this case, YOU would be the black knight because you stood up to some dumb girl talking shit and DGAF. The white knight rushes in to protect the damsel in distress. Get yo facts skraight, yo.

    • ollol ooper says:

      Get your neurons, if you have any, turned on.

      He returned an offence.

      The Huge Coward rushes to side with who started the offence, because that’s an easy way for It to feel as if It had 2 balls, instead of It were the one ball It is.

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