Workplace Advice

January 29, 2013

Hey ho. I used to like to say “The only thing worse than having a job is not having a job.” And yet now I have a job and it might be worse than not having a job. If I had a van to live in I would feel a little better about the future, but I got a four wheel drive for the snow. Roomy, but not quite roomy enough to live in.

I just saw this at Return of Kings, which is Roosh’s group blog. Good advice about how to behave and what to say at work, although because it’s aimed at betas looking to be alphas rather than omegas trying to be sigmas it’s a little different than what I have said. (I and II.) The idea is to appear pretty dull and conformist, which is what other people like; for a beta that’s cool, but I think as an omega it helps to let people know you have some other kind of life.