The Work Game II

Sex game is little good if you don’t have work game. I got a new job a few months ago, after a long time of being sporadically employed part-time. I had the opportunity to come to this place before, but as desperate as I was, I had heard bad things about this place and didn’t want to deal with it. I finally talked to them over the summer and it didn’t sound too bad, so when they called me in the fall, I went for it.

They are not bad in the way I had feared- I think they have cleaned up their act on that account over the last couple years- but are much worse in other ways I had not anticipated. Workplace bullying is a pretty normal thing, but these people take it to a whole new level. The key problem is they have a low level supervisor who does not have the experience or personal skills for the job, but has ingratiated himself to management and is determined to terrorize everyone in the company.

The stress is like a having a constant mild panic attack- for hours on end. I can’t think of a time in my life I was this stressed, except for eighth grade and when I ran away from home. I guess the worst that can happen is they fire me and I go back to living in my dad’s guest room, but at this point that would mean permanent failure for life, and losing my foreign girlfriend. The way I get through the day is I tell myself I can’t let my dad down, and I can’t let her down. I will do what I have to, as much as I can, to make that happen.

I have written a little about how to behave at work before. That post was mostly defensive in nature, but I think you need a little offense as well. I’m in a bad situation. My coping strategy is try to do the best job I can and comply with all their procedures and regulations. From what I hear and see that is impossible, and even if you do a real good job they are on you constantly.

I would like to have pithy comments to make, but I’m at the end of my rope. Somebody higher up the food chain who know’s what’s what needs to write something on work game for omegas. I don’t want to be blogging from a homeless shelter.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

7 Responses to The Work Game II

  1. Koanic says:

    I’m sorry man. There’s no easy answer. That’s one of the hardest situations there is. It takes some serious meditative centering, emotional throughput, firewalls, and inner counterpressure.

  2. slenkar says:

    is the bullying guy a pisces?

  3. Candice says:

    Comiserations – I’m not far enough up the tree or sufficiently experienced to give good advice. Sadly, much work seems humiliating and oppresssive with little compasion for the individual who is merely an input to be leveraged for the lowest cost. That said, its the internal frame that enables survival. The trick is to get in a circumstance where they can’t really hurt you and then just not let them worry you. I know some people who hide behind policies, processes and procedures. I’d also suggest saving money to tide you over when you need to swap jobs. Nothing you have not thought of I am afraid….

  4. MQ says:

    This is a very tough situation. One of the toughest in life actually, even though its small and routine and happens to people all the time. To lessen the stress and come up with solutions, you need to think horizontally across the organization, not vertically to your supervisor. You should also realize that if this guy truly is a dick you are probably not the only person who sees it. Basically, you are less powerful because you are a subordinate, but you can be more powerful to the degree that he is one and the community of people he has pissed off are potentially many.

    You need to bond with co-workers at your level about what a dick this supervisor is (don’t approach people calling him a dick right away, but just bond about general workplace stuff and see how they respond to some hints about him. Don’t get known as the lead whiner…just get yourself in to the whining community). If he really is a dick there are probably a large number of other people who see this too and dislike him for it. Knowing them will lessen your stress and help create a situation where you are not alone if something happens.

    You also need to look for opportunities to move horizontally across the organization (i.e. to another supervisor). Do you have any opportunities to get relationships with or temporarily work with other supervisors? Could any of these lead to an eventual transfer? You may find that other supervisors know him as a problem too, and that expanding your network of relationships helps you make more potential allies if something happens.

    Also stay scrupulous about following the written policies of the organization and documenting anything that happens. Good luck!

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  6. Boy Toy says:

    Full time work is unhealthful imo. It makes you a brainwashed zombie.

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