Seduction is Conquest

It just occurred to me that for women, sex is defeat. I talked about this before when commenting on something Roosh wrote about last minute resistance.

But my understanding was intellectual, not instinctual. I have noticed that at times when I was having sex and not maintaining a strong erection, the woman’s vagina seemed to actually spit out my dick. But this makes sense; resistance is part of the female program. Women must resist. Resistance is part of maintaining the integrity of their minds, bodies, and sex organs. They must resist, but the resistance must at some point fail.

Women must be defeated. For the woman, any kind of submission to a man is a kind of defeat. Or it’s preparing for defeat. Getting naked with you is a defeat, being penetrated is a defeat, having an orgasm is a defeat. She decides to let this happen, but she is only consenting to put herself in a position where you can make it happen. You still have to make it happen.

This is probably bleeding obvious to a lot of guys, but the problem with teaching game is that many concepts that are so bleeding obvious to guys who have good game skills is that they are complete mysteries to guys who don’t. If you are low social status, you are probably very allergic to being aggressive. I was conditioned by my parents not to be aggressive, and severely punished by my peers for being agggressive. A lot of game revolves around “playing it cool”, not showing too much interest or moving too fast, but this is in the context of being aggressive.

For me and people like me, doing almost anything seems to aggressive- like even talking to people. Game emphasizes looking for positive signals, permission or indication from the woman that your assertion of interest will be taken positively, but that can wind up being an excuse for inaction. Maybe the key is to behave in a friendly way, but not worry too much about whether you upset other people. The social rule seems to be that if you are smiling and being friendly, people are not supposed to be negative to you- they can be cold in a friendly way, but they can’t tell you to fuck off.

From the first contact until you are keeping your dick hard as you are fucking, you need to think aggression. As Don Draper said- “Ken, you’ll realize in your private life that at a certain point seduction is over, and force is actually being requested.” He’s not telling you to rape women- he’s just saying that once she has made the decision to let you have sex with her, you need to move ahead decisively.

One Response to Seduction is Conquest

  1. Golflin Gortenats says:

    Too bad this is all poorly thought out conjecture, with no objective evidence whatsoever. Maybe you didn’t go to college?

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