Keeping Your Chin Up

H/t to (the soon to be defunct, as you have probably heard by now) In Mala Fide, Danger & Play quote Army advice on how to get through Special Forces selection. It’s good advice in general. The highlights-

2-2. Most common mistakes in the SFAS Course

d. Showing uncontrollable fear in the water during the 50-meter swim assessment.
e. Listening and/or participating in the dissemination of inaccurate information of what to expect during SFAS. [Unless someone has verifiable credentials or objective manifestations of success, he is a loser. So why listen to him?]
g. Showing inconsistency during rucksack marches and runs.
h. Giving up on the obstacle course.
i. Not being able to do at least six pull-ups from a dead hang. This may show a lack of upper body strength.
j. Giving up on yourself. Don’t quit, let the assessors assess you. [How often do guys not approach a girl, thinking she’ll reject him?]
k. Negative thoughts. Don’t doubt yourself, believe in yourself, don’t evaluate yourself out of the SFAS Course.
l. Not taking proper care of your feet.
m. Falling asleep when you are not supposed to.
o. Not giving 100 percent. The assessors are trained to identify soldiers that are not pulling their weight.
p. Whining and complaining; nobody likes it and it doesn’t help.
q. Arguing with the cadre. It will not be tolerated and you will be terminated.
r. Failure to follow instructions. Pay attention to detail.
s. Losing your temper. Maintaining your bearing is essential to success.
t. Not being flexible. Anything and everything may go wrong, deal with it.
u. Using shortcuts or cheating. Don’t compromise your integrity, you will be dropped from the SFAS Course for integrity violations.
v. Always the first one to sit or lay down on a break.
w. Always the last one to get up when the break is over.

A lot of shit sucks, and if you are on the bottom of the totem pole it sucks that much more. When your “peers” are attacking you as well to help make themselves feel a little better, that really hurts.

The importance of remaining calm, adapting, not reacting emotionally, and making your best effort even when it looks like it won’t pay off are well-taken.


One Response to Keeping Your Chin Up

  1. Erik says:

    giving up on yourself…negative thoughts…they may seem rational for the moment…but for life???

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