The Important Things In Life

Another repost from In Mala Fide, about what you should not worry about when you’re young. In short, none of that intellectual stuff.

If you have been beaten like a red-headed stepchild all your childhood, literally or metaphorically, you may have an urge to find the Meaning of Life. That’s a worthwhile thing to think about, but after you have taken care of your more prosaic needs, like money and sex.

I was out in the boonies in the South, driving back from another unsuccessful job interview, listening to a country music station. They played a real oldie called “Faster Horses”, which is to the point such things are the point of life.

Personal update- my foreign girlfriend broke up with me yesterday, then talked herself out of it, as she has done once or twice before. I was not trying to convince her not to- I have been thinking it’s got to end soon and I need to just let it go- but she did it herself. I am going to have to talk about Latin emotions at some point.


2 Responses to The Important Things In Life

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  2. Jason says:

    Is your “foreign girlfriend” from abroad, but in your town, or do you have a “long distance relationship” with a woman who lives far away? If the latter, and you are engaging in “game” for personal growth, why are you expending time, emotion and (no doubt) money on someone who can’t make you happy the way you deserve?

    You seem to like to cite bloggers like “IMF” and “Heartiste”. How do you think they would react to you investing in a long distance relationship, just as you’re trying to up your game?

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