The Pit

I haven’t posted in a while because I haven’t had much to say. I am really, really screwed right now. I missed out on another job, after having spent over $1000 on airfare and expenses to go to the interview. I am in as bad shape as I have ever been in my life. If you are decently employed you can deal with all kinds of difficulties, but if not you are in a real bad position.


3 Responses to The Pit

  1. Candice says:

    Hello Omega – I feel for you in your situation! It’s so hard to get back into the workforce in these economic times. I’ll pray for you. Sorry I can’t make any good suggestions! Hugs Candice

  2. sestamibi says:

    NEVER pay your own way on a long-distance interview!

    If they want you (and even if they don’t!) they should pay for it, or at least offer to pay for it unless you are offered the job and turn it down.

    Sorry for your unfortunate experience. All the best in your job search. I know what it’s like–I was there once myself.

  3. MW says:

    Omegaman, hope things are looking up for you now, a few months later. Ever consider trucking? As a single man, you have little to nothing tying you down.

    You could be trained and in a job in less than a couple of months. Play your cards right and there’s decent money in it. Want to make more? Get a year or two under your belt and get a work permit for Canada. The oilpatch is full of high paying work, even for truckers. Guys can clear 7K a month.

    Sock some money away and get your heavy equipment ticket (Excavators, graders, etc). Then go out and earn even more $$$. Pretty soon you’ve got a nice nest egg. Just avoid the blow, crack, booze and broads and save your $$$.

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