Energy, The Key to Fun and Happiness

Athol Kay talks about goofing off on his day off, and makes a key point at the end- being sexy is largely about having energy.

This ties in to self-improvement in that if working on yourself is a chore, you will be tired and a drag. Doing stuff that is fun and makes you fun, or cool and interesting is the key. I don’t think he has ever said anything about going to a shrink or reading self-improvement books to become more alpha. He does mention getting in shape and losing weight all the time though.


3 Responses to Energy, The Key to Fun and Happiness

  1. Candice says:

    Hello Candice again – YES – I’ve been reflecting that truly being the best person you can (or having success in self improvement) and feeling comfortable and empowered is what lies behind true confidence and it is this true confidence that attracts people including partners.

    Justing telling people to be “more confident” is not practical as without the foundation people will either end up being seen as “big-mouths” or floundering because they have nothing to back up the impression they are trying to make.

    Yes I agree, energy is important and seems to, at least, attract older men like cats to catnip! I always only do self-development things I enjoy and which are win-win or no-regrets. I get very excited about learning new things etc.

    Athol seems to touch on self-development in the purest sense and does talk about being the best possible person you can be. I guess being fit might be more important in his framework than working on, say, developing general people skills.

    I do think being fit and reasonable weight are an important foundation for attractiveness and something that all people can understand – also of course are very good for health and well-being! Nonetheless, general people skills are important to relationships….

    Glad you are posting more .. šŸ™‚ C

  2. thomas says:

    having higher energy levels than a girl is important in order to attract her, no one likes a guy who just mumbles silently. i remember that from deangelo seminars

  3. Candice says:

    mmm…since I am still a bit slow off the blocks due to menopause, I would be a bit worried if a suitor had less energy than me! Also, as a mature-aged female with a finely tuned intuition, I subconsiously interpret a good energy level (and fitness etc) as good health and thus longevity, an ability to provide good sex, the capacity to be a good provider by working hard and an ability to maintain the house, car etc. Also, a person who is happy, energetic and positive is always nice to be around. Yes energy is important and one of those “clues” women use to decide whether a man is a good bet or not. šŸ™‚ C

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