Dress Cool

I have been really busy with all kinds of important stuff, but I’m taking a few minutes out of my busy schedule to share some of my valuable insights.

Actually that’s a lie. I have had plenty of time to blog here but I have just felt like doing other stuff. I was going to apologize profusely for not having posted for a long time but I realized that would have been a “demonstration of lower value”, the dreaded DLV. I guess rule one is don’t apologize, unless it is to your pissed-off boss or customer, or it’s helpful in manipulating someone- which it will sometimes be- and rule two is you can lie and try to make yourself look better. What I’m telling you, dear readers, is bullshit people, but only in a positive way- don’t tell people you’re sorry when you’re not, but make yourself look good if you can.

Anyway I was at the pho place the other day and I see this guy, eating by himself. It’s a low-cost lunch place so not unusual. He appeared to be tall and well-built. He was bald but had shaved his head and it looked good. I suppose he would have been handsome and imposing, but the trouble was he was wearing warm-up pants, a warm-up jacket and a down vest. The clothing was all cheap and shapeless. Had he been shorter, less handsome and well-built, he would have looked like a complete loser. Had he been decently dressed, he would have looked very impressive.

I am trying to overhaul my casual wardrobe. I had been wearing some cheap mock turtleneck shirts in the winter, but they are a little too warm. Old Navy sells long-sleeve T-shirts in tall sizes but only on-line, so I want to get some of those. A long-sleeve T-shirt seems to be warm but not too warm. I am having trouble getting blue jeans I like in my size so I may have to buy those on-line too.

I would like to get some pull-on boots as casual footwear but they are expensive.

In a word- dress cool.


11 Responses to Dress Cool

  1. Socialkenny says:

    Successful blogging takes time and dedication.A lot of bloggers don’t do the necessary work to maintain an interactive blog.Doing other stuff isn’t an excuse for successful blogging.Hope your blog doesn’t die because of lack of interaction(’cause I’m feeling your stuff).

  2. Candice says:

    Hello again! I concur on the dress cool thing, only I’d say dress stylishly and suitably for your build and activities with consideration for the social cues so provided. I am embarking on such a campaign with Billy, but he is resisting! So I am appreciative of any advice to men on how to dress and also on how to motivate men to improve their presentation.

    Presentation is SO important! For example, when women are checking out men re – relationships, they pick up on social clues, some of which come from grooming and presentation.

    ANYWAY … I’ve improved my wardrobe and presentation from a low base and I will try and draw some lessons for men.

    Firstly, I must say its a journey – due to the need to build skill and resources, it takes time to gain your goals and those goals tend to shift.

    Secondly, you need to be always scanning for ideas and opportunities to buy good stuff cheap, e.g. if you know what you need and can appear on the first day, sales and closing down sales provide massive opportunities for buying classy stuff cheap. Recently a classy menswear chain liquidated – even dinner suits were going cheap! I am so peeved Billy would not take a look and also that he’s resisted the preparation step of going around checking what’s available, at what price and what suits him.

    Thirdly, vintage and secondhand can represent a chance to do something good for the environment, charity and yourself. I am always scanning outlets and even e-bay. Check out items carefully for faults and evidence of local vermin. I always wash my stuff carefully before bringing it into my wardrobe.

    Fourthly, tailored looks great especially if you are a large man or non standard shape. If I was able to afford it I’d go overseas with Billy and get us both some tailored suits, work gear, shirts etc. Once you are there, in the right country tailoring is a cheap and sensible alternative to buying off the rack.

    I’d like to note how important it is to try things on – buying online can be a bit of a trap without being able to see how things look on. Also, you may miss opportunities because some things can look plain on the hanger and nice on you. It’s fine just to set aside some time and go try stuff on. Often you may end up buying something and indeed, it may be a good tactic to aim at buying say a shirt, but try on a range of stuff for the experience. That way the shop gets something from all the effort to serve you.

    And —oh— one of my friends dresses a lot from those adventure and outdoor stores. Oh goodness he looks good. He’s tall and athletic and the clothing just tends to set that off!

    OK…good luck with the grooming and presentation everyone! As we get older, I believe it becomes more important and also can make up for deterioration in looks due to aging.

    🙂 Candice

    • Socialkenny says:

      Good insight on the art of dressing.

      I wish you had a wordpress blog where I can check it out without complications.Somehow,blogspot makes it so difficult to leave comments on posts.

      • Blogger is pretty messed up. WordPress works a lot better most of the time.

      • Candice says:

        Thank you – I guess this shows the experience of men and women are not that different really.

        What sort of complications? it seems fine to my non-IT tech mind. If you cannot leave comments on my blog, leave them here. I’ll see them!

        🙂 C

  3. Socialkenny says:

    @Candice-When I saiy blogspot makes it difficult to comment,I was referring to everything from inability to comment as a wordpress blogger,etc.I wanna believe there’s some feud between the 2,where as blogspot makes it excessively difficult for ppl signed in to wordpress to comment.Therefore,I’d have sign out wordpress and comment as anonymous on blogspot sites.IDK,it’s fucked up.Makes a switch to WP plz.

    • Candice says:

      Thanks for telling me! Goodness – how do they expect to keep their clientele? Key bloggers seem to be transferring to WordPress for this very reason. I’m not sure how to transfer and keep my (limited) readership/links. It’s taken a while to come up in the first 10 for search requests (darn that celebrity photographer called Candace!!!). 🙂 C

      • Candice, I have done it before, and it was all automatic. WordPress is annoying at times- they seem to like to change things that worked fine- but works much better than Blogger. I’ll look into it and point you to the method. I don’t know about maintaining the search results though.

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  5. Candice says:

    Thank you! :-). C

  6. Thanks Game for Omegas,

    This site inspired me to post this video as a response to a barbarosssaaaaa video.

    Basically the game for omega’s posting is all about having pride in your appearance.

    and i agree 100% all the way.

    Keep up the good work.


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