Reviews- “Nine and a Half Weeks” and “The Story of O”

Roissy was talking about these awhile ago so I thought I would check them out. “Nine and a Half Weeks” is best known as a movie, but Roissy said it was originally a book, which was better. I couldn’t get the book so I got the DVD.

I couldn’t watch the whole thing. It was quite boring. Basically it shows a guy being a very smooth alpha male. I’m sure the S&M was toned down quite a bit for the movie. It’s worth watching for a while, because Mickey Rourke does a very good job showing a guy who is very smooth, confident verging on arrogance, always in charge and in control. It looks like an excellent example to model.

I didn’t finish “The Story of O” either. I read about a fourth and just flipped through the rest. It never really explains why she is so in love with the guy. One important aspect of it shows the extent to which women are obsessed with clothes, and the texture of any surface, whether they touch it or not. She describes all the clothes people are wearing, the furniture, and the floor and wall coverings, whether they are germane to the story or not.

I have had personal confirmation of this before. The lesson is clothes should be very carefully selected for effect. American men don’t naturally do this, but it’s important to wear things that evoke a reaction from women. I think the reason that Mystery’s furry hat worked was that although women probably never touched it- women will touch your shoulders and arms if you are having a close, flirtatious interaction, but not your hat, and plus he’s tall- they could imagine touching it, and were turned on by that. Or maybe they did touch it, I don’t know. But women like surfaces that are sensual to touch.

Although they never explain why, O loves being controlled and beaten. I wouldn’t try the beating part, or taking a woman to your sex dungeon in a French mansion, but being in control and somewhat controlling will be a turn on for women. Later she gets introduced to a friend of her boyfriend, has some lesbian sex, and gets some other women involved in the super-secret millionaire’s French mansion S&M club. It’s probably well worth reading the whole thing, for insight into the female mentality, but it just bored me. One interesting thing is O is stimulated and invigorated by the mansion experience, and actually does her job better. This was written in the 50’s, and how much more important today is a woman’s “career”? The happiness a woman feels from an alpha relationship spills over into the rest of her life, which makes her value it even more.

Maybe part of my problem is the female psyche just doesn’t interest me that much. I don’t want to burrow into it and then reverse-engineer a guy who women want to have sex with. It’s possible, but who is manipulating who? That’s the point of Rawness, and it’s well-taken.


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