Happy Valentines Day!

My foreign girlfriend sent me this picture, as kind of a card-

I gave her the stuffed animals in times before- actually both at the same time I think. The monkey represents me, and the bear was for Valentine’s Day two years ago. As hard as it is for us, well, she’s the person who cares about me, why I’m not always sure. If you are lonely, or have a bad relationship, there is always hope.


6 Responses to Happy Valentines Day!

  1. Candice says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day! πŸ™‚ Within my friendship group, we’ve used the day to celebrate our friendship – this means a lot more people get to enjoy the day and less people feel totally neglected and unloved.

    I’ve not felt well and soul-twin Billy is away rescuing people from floods, so I’ve not cooked heart shaped baked goods this year – there is always next year! πŸ™‚ C

    • That’s really nice. Epicurus said friendship was the most important thing in life, and I think he was right.

      • Candice says:

        I’m glad you agree – friendship is truly so important. Romantic bliss is so hard to achieve and often so fleeting. Friendship often lasts longer than romantic attachments.

        These days so many of us are alienated from our ancestoral lands, families and even cultural groups. We are loners in an often cold world. It is of some comfort to band together to support each other.

        Good luck with your job search. I tried the temp route as well. However, I got my current job through a lucky application for a job that did not attract many quality applicants.

        πŸ™‚ C

  2. Jason says:

    Don’t let Roissy see this.

  3. Socialkenny says:

    That’s cool bro lol.It’s sought of like a role reversal with sending you something for V day.

    The problem comes in when AFC guys are spending on girls they haven’t even been with sexually yet.

  4. tg moderator says:

    It is just nice. Not wonderful or exciting–just nice, but this is what we want most isn’t it? Humans are social animals and we need a little interaction from time to time. If we are honest about it this is why we blog too. Big business and hollywood sell us on torrid sex and exciting romance fantasies, but we really just want someone who cares. Glad to have you back on the blog Omegaman! Since I’m a caring dude I will now offer useless advice about jobs that you’ve heard before. The best way to network is to have a job. If you don’t have a job you have no co-workers, friends, clients, etc. to network with. So… take any old job you can get. I worked in a warehouse for six bucks an hour for over a year as a temp. I was discouraged because the bio-tech outfit I was working for hired other people for jobs that I was better qualified for, but the temp contract made it expensive for them to hire me. In the end it did not matter because the work I was doing as a temp still led to my present job. Also grab any credential you can get for less than fifty bucks. This usually means filling out paper and taking a test. Here are a couple I did: Certified Electronic Technician, National Association of Radio and Telecommunications Engineers Technician Class 4. I also looked into Society of Broadcast Engineers, but I found a good job first so I never joined them. I do not have a degree in any of those subjects–I just paid ten bucks and passed a test. Pad that resume! Your credentials would look different than mine because you probably have different skills and interests. Avoid those diploma mills and student loans of course. I know that I am making it seem easier than it really is. The job market sucks today because there is no ground floor. Suppose you were interested in model airplanes. At one time you could get a job sweeping and cleaning up a hobby store and work your way into a better job, but that seldom happens today. It is too expensive to hire someone for work like cleaning so that work gets outsourced to cleaning services and temp agencies. The contracts that these outfits have bind their employees from working directly for a client–they are like serfs. So it stinks to be a serf, but it is better than no job. You still might get lucky. I did.

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