There Are Worse Things Than Being Alone

Rational Male talks and gives some examples about being with a crazy woman, also known by the quaint diagnostic “Borderline Personality Disorder”.

If you haven’t had any, or many experiences with women, you can easily get caught up in something like this. The first woman I had a relationship with was pretty neurotic, but she was too gross for me to get attached to. Another one was pretty crazy but I didn’t really care about her either.

My first foreign girlfriend was difficult, but I really wanted to have a successful relationship with her and so it went on for a long time. The trouble is all women now seem to be crazy to me. Maybe Athol Kay has an answer to this, I’m going to look into his stuff more.

3 Responses to There Are Worse Things Than Being Alone

  1. Jason says:

    I think Kay would say that you should seek out a woman who’s “healthy” in body and habit. He also repeatedly counsels against “one-itis”, which, I suspect, you are plagued by.

  2. Socialkenny says:

    Lmao I can relate to this bro’.I use to wonder why some guys seems content with being lonely.

    Return the blog love by checking out mines bro’.It’s about time guys who know about game start returning blog love.

  3. jlw says:

    Omega guy,

    Vox Day has opened up a line of conversation regarding omegas over at:

    Since you’re the only blog on the entire web solely devoted to omegas and being omega, I thought you should be aware of it, and maybe comment.

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