Obstacles, Big and Small

August 29, 2011

The comics are mostly pretty crappy, although having to come up with something funny every day for years is probably a real pain. Nonetheless, when I read this “Family Circus” strip this morning, I was strangely touched. I think it shows something a lot of people experience-

The bigger boys run down the bank, over the log and the rocks easily. But for little PJ- tagging along with the big kids- the obstacle is a lot more frightening. He’s smaller, and has shorter legs. He’s younger and probably hasn’t been out of the yard away from his mom much, maybe never. The big drops of the embankment, the rough and possibly treacherous surface of the log and rocks maybe more than he can handle without falling and hurting himself. And worst of all the big kids are running ahead without him! Why can’t his brothers stay and help him down? Which is scarier, trying to climb down and catch up with the big boys, or turning around and going home?

PJ can probably learn easier and with less stress with a little help, but it looks like he will have to do it on his own. Unfortunately a lot of life is like that- we have to face difficult, scary new challenges all on our own. It’s easy to say “Climb down! It’s easy!” but harder to do.

I guess life is just one new obstacle to cross after another. All we can do is be as brave as we can manage.