Drawing a Blank

I had something at least somewhat interesting I was going to post today, but I forgot what it was. Unemployment just really sucks. Staying steadily employed at a decent job is as essential to your success as anything. I went to an interview (at my own expense) for a job that sounded kind of crappy and doesn’t pay good. The outfit looked better on closer examination but they seem to have many well-qualified applicants.


One Response to Drawing a Blank

  1. Mahoney (the key board warrior) says:

    I think your standards of what constitutes an interesting post are way to high. You seem to think that you must tie in everything you say with some great message the human social sexual hierarchy. I would love it if you would just give us a series of unrelated anecdotes about your sexual/social past. You can’t possibly hide behind the excuse of having nothing to say, you and I both know thats bullshit. Leave quality alone for the time being and give us some quantity.

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