A Sad Story Of Marriage

I troll the online dating sites, mainly for practice in interacting with women than hope I will get anything out of it. I have only found one woman where I was able to go over to her place and have sex with her.

I met this one woman, mid-40’s, not thin obviously but didn’t look bad. I chatted with her and after exchanging some emails had lunch with her the other day. This is her story.

She married a guy and became a stay at home mom. They had two kids, now in high school. The guy obviously did quite well for himself financially- she mentioned they had owned a large and expensive boat. They guy had an affair which precipitated their legal separation. She mentioned her daughter had “found the panties in the dryer”, although why the guy was doing his girlfriend’s laundry, or how her underwear got mixed up with his stuff, I don’t know.

The thing was while she probably was never exactly thin and hot, she had kind of let herself go. In her pictures she looked nice to OK; but she had put on some more weight. What she looked like at the point of the divorce, I don’t know, but probably not that good.

This looks like a textbook example of Athol Kay’s sex rank in marriage. Hers went down, his went up. At the point of the discovery of the panties, she might have thought to take a deep breath and say “My husband is fucking another woman. Maybe I need to get back in shape and kiss his ass to keep him happy. This is a painful blow to my ego but for various reasons it is better to preserve the marriage.” But she got divorced instead.

She went from being a very affluent housewife to working a really crappy job that she can’t quit. The family had a large boat- by which I mean the kind you can spend the weekend on- and her husband must have been a pretty alpha guy. Now she’s meeting me, a broke omega. I’m decent-looking and good company, but I’m guessing in a lot of ways a big comedown from her ex.

Or maybe there was nothing she could do. Maybe the guy was just determined to trade in for a newer model. She enjoyed his alphaness while she could, and now another woman will. Still I have learned that hanging on to what you have is at least as important as reaching for something better.

7 Responses to A Sad Story Of Marriage

  1. Mahoney (the key board warrior) says:

    Although I am a supporter of the sluts/studs double standard I would never shame or fault this woman for leaving her husband. If mananged to find yourself an attractive young wife in the next few years, you have children with her, then she fucks some other dude, would you hang onto that? I think in some situations a person has to choose between their own happiness and pleasure or their dignity and self worth. Sometimes it’s mutually exclusive, which would you choose omega man?

    A decent looking guy? Shit, I must reiterate my plea for your to post a picture of yourself. I am a fairly unattractive man and I think that is a signficant reason as to why I am an omega. I’d love to be able to compare myself to you.

    Lastly, why is it that the other woman seems to have such trouble getting fully dressed after sex? You’d think she’d notice if she wasn’t wearing panties or a bra. How do you simply forget to put your clothes on? Strange.

    I wish you could give a more exhaustive definition of what an omega is. I mean here you are, an omega, yet your regularly hook up for casual sex with chicks you don’t know. If you are in fact an omega your certaintly not class of omegas that me and White and Nerdy are in.

    • If your spouse cheats on you I can see how it’s easy to say “You bastard!” and end the marriage. But looking at the personal and financial wreckage of her situation, maybe it would have been best for all four people involved for the family to stay intact. She mentioned her daughter was particularly hurt by it.

      Some define “omega” as “repulsive to women”. I just use it to mean a guy who has a low level of ability and experience with women. A fat, ugly, poor guy can be an alpha, but he will be limited to fat, ugly, poor women unless he changes. Game is not magic.

      I can’t get quality women, but that doesn’t mean I stay home. I get with whatever women I can, and I try to learn as much as I can.

  2. Mahoney (the key board warrior) says:

    In what way are you good company? The reason I ask is I am definitely not good company and am wondering how I can improve.

  3. Thanks for the mention.

    The panties in the dryer were to force the issue. She likely already knew about the affair and had done nothing, but once the panties were discovered, she had to either leave or kick it up a notch.

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  5. javert says:

    Assuming her story is right – she did well.

    The conservative, conformist, marriage 1.0 crowd would have had her to try reworking her marriage, be a good wife and support it in everything he did, which is cryptic for sucking it up, accept her reality as an aging fuck in the process of becoming an infrahuman, additional piece of furniture in their boat and “act with dignity” as everyone else does her the favor of acting as if they don’t know while murmuring on her back about how her misery serves as the example of the month of “I could be worse”.

    She has an incredible uphill battle to fight but if she can recognize and reject the genetic imperative trying to tell her she has lost any purpose in life, she’ll do well.

  6. Candice says:

    I suspect the affair lady put the undies in the wrong place deliberately …. ANYWAY … I see a lot of women throwing themselves at successful rich men. I also see a lot of marriages where the rich man has a girlfriend or second wife. Depends what you want – if you don’t want to have sex with your husband, you are probably happy to not be under pressure, yet get all the other benefits. I’ve seen wealthy men having affairs but also respecting and protecting their wives. Reality is really, really complex!

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