“State”- A Critical, If Not THE Critical Component Of Game

Commenter Robert K writes, with reference to the post “Expanding Your Comfort Zone- Sports And Hobbies”-

“I am a bit like Matt T in that I was never good at team sports – mainly because I am an Aspie. I used to be very wimpy as well and people used to give me shit all the time. In the last few years I have taken up weightlifting and now look stronger. People don’t give me shit anymore. I am still way too socially handicapped to do well with women but at least people treat me with a lot of respect now. Even if it is the “be nice to me or I will beat the crap out of you” kind of respect, it is respect nonetheless.

Does this make me less Omega than before?”

Here is something really important. Having success with women, particularly for the omega, is largely a matter of getting into a state where you feel relaxed, not stressed or worried, and comfortable with yourself. All success with women stems from this feeling of relaxed satisfaction- I don’t think it’s the same as this thing pop psychologists call “confidence” and are always touting, but it serves the same purpose.

Roissy talked about this awhile back, in the context of weightlifting increasing testosterone. Building muscle may increase testosterone, give you a feeling of accomplishment, make you feel more attractive, but it’s not really important. It makes you feel good and feel relaxed, and that’s what’s important.

Robert describes himself as still socially unskilled, but social adeptness is overrated, I think, in success with women. Pop psychology recognizes it as important because it’s a female trait. Omegas think it is important, decry themselves for lack of it, and always want more, because reading other people socially is important to the survival of the low in status. And yet success with women- and positive relationships with others- really rest more on what you project to them, rather than reading and reacting to their behavior.

With regard to the “Aspie” part- I find that “normal” women have little ability to read, understand, or sympathize with my emotional state, so maybe women are the real “Aspies”. The idea that men should be highly attuned to the feelings of women is typical female selfishness.


4 Responses to “State”- A Critical, If Not THE Critical Component Of Game

  1. Mahoney (the key board warrior) says:

    Mr. Omega,

    I have a request for you. I believe that all PUA’s who would suggest that a man’s looks don’t play a significant role in his ability to attract women (as significant as “game”) are full of shit. I think it would be truly enlightening for you to post a picture of yourself. Now if you’re far to bashful for that, or fear that your identity would be discovered, you could instead post a picture of your current or any former gf’s. To see what kind of tail your really pulling in. You once said that you would post pictures of yourself windsurfing or hand gliding, I was really looking forward to those snaps.

  2. Looks obviously help. Most of the guys I have known who easily got a lot of women were pretty good-looking. The one ugly guy was insanely alpha and extremely intelligent- he had a 3.95 in pre-med while working full-time. If I had to pick between looks and game, I would pick game though. Looks without game is of limited use. If you have game you can compensate for average looks by improving your social and financial status.

    I would describe myself as above average in looks, and I’m tall, which is supposed to be a great advantage with women. But the women I have been with have not really been better than average.

    • Mahoney (the key board warrior) says:

      Tall, good looking and a big cock, not to mention above average intelligence. My God!I guess in your case your troubles are 100% the result of nurture, whereas mine rely heavily on nature.

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