Sexual Performance

I just got back from seeing my foreign girlfriend, and while it was difficult in many aspects, at least I got some sex.

I was worried if I was going to be able to perform well. I stopped jerking off for about a week before I left. I had some 20mg Cialis from before, and I got some 10mg with the idea of not using any more than I really needed. All these things give me a headache, Cialis a little bit less than Viagra.

I was pretty nervous the first time so I took the 20mg Cialis. I did get a headache but it went OK. I told my girlfriend no way was I going to be able to do it with a condom on so she was on birth control pills. We did it again after 24 hours I think, then I tried after 48 and it had totally worn off. (I upset her and she went through one of her crying spells, which didn’t help.) I went through another cycle with the 20mg, then tried the 10mg, and then went without and was doing fine. Toward the end we did it, she went to sleep and about an hour later I had an erection again.

I have a lot of anxiety with having sex, and I think your body has to adapt to new stimuli if you haven’t done it in a long time. I was worried I was just having age-related erectile dysfunction, but was able to get going again with some practice. I know I can do it at least every 24 hours and possibly twice in a row, although I didn’t get a chance to test that out.

8 Responses to Sexual Performance

  1. Sheila Tone says:

    It occurs to me that your “Columbian girlfriend” may be a cute term for a woman who lives in D.C., which I could find believable. Why will you not marry this woman? Don’t you feel guilty using her? For a so-called Omega, you sure are finicky. I thought less-than-alphas were supposed to be the good prospects.

  2. Mahoney (the key board warrior) says:

    Do you have similar erectile problems when masturbating? If two days is a long time to go without masturbating for you, then it doesn’t seem like drive is in bad shape (especially a 50+ dude). I wonder to what extent its a psychological problem. Do you not enjoy having sex with her because she sucks in bed, or is that anxiety that you feel takes away the fun and pleasure.

  3. Bobby says:

    And I love how you assume either the woman sucks in bed or he’s anxious, rather than maybe the man sucks in bed.

    I love how you take offense for womandom( not really, this shame and blame shit is getting pretty old and lame)

    the bitch probably does suck in bed

    Omegs, does she suck your ass good like most colombian women?

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  5. You don’t have to get as hard to masturbate as to penetrate a vagina, so ability to masturbate successfully does not equal the ability to perform intercourse selectively.

    I read an article in Slate some time ago about the commercials for Levitra, which show a guy throwing a football through a tire on a rope. The author thought the ad was really stupid. That shows he never had trouble getting hard enough, and somebody involved in making the commercial did, because that’s *exactly* what it is like having erectile dysfunction.

    The problem with ED- for most guys I assume- is not that you can’t get it up at all, but that you can’t get it hard enough to get it in. You think it’s hard enough, so you try sticking it in, but you miss the opening slightly and the shaft of your dick is compressed, which hurts and reduces your erection further, and in the general slipperiness the vagina feels like a moving target, just like that tire on the rope.

    Aside from sexual or performance anxiety, the sensations involved in sexual intercourse are just different from those involved in masturbation, so the body needs some time to adapt.

    As far as my girlfriend, she’s put on a little weight since I last saw her. On some women it doesn’t make much difference but on her it does.

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