The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves

Early in the year I was quite confident of getting a job soon, I had a number of interviews and was sure one would pan out. None did, and no further interviews are forthcoming. I think the job market got better, and then worse again.

I got hooked up with this thing evaluating web pages, which pays shit for something for which they demand a college graduate of above average intelligence. But you do it at home and it beats getting up at 5 to go to a temp job in a warehouse where you are treated like an idiot.

I have been reading “The 4 Hour Work Week” by Timothy Ferriss. It’s substantially self-promoting egotistical bullshit but the guy also has some good ideas. Basically his thing is come up with something you can sell on the internet, but “The 4 Hour Work Week” sounds a lot better than “Sell Stuff On The Internet”. But he’s a marketer first and foremost, as he would tell you. I would like to talk more about this, and my ideas, at some point.

I had some savings still and a lot of frequent flyer miles so I’m now visiting my Colombian girlfriend. It was a horrible mistake. She is upset by any display of negative emotion on my part, although of course the display of negative emotion on her part is perfectly OK. (We had only one incident of this last time I visited, so I didn’t think too muchof it, but several this time.) She is a nice person from a good family but not better than OK looking and I don’t really enjoy having sex with her. So why the hell am I involved with her? Inertia I suppose. I felt pretty kicked in the gut yesterday. Basically I’m over it. I don’t see any future.

I have to consider the life of a happy bachelor, since it seems bachelorhood has been forced upon me, so I may as well make it happy. It would be easier if I had some nieces and nephews, but my brother and sister have not reproduced either. I’m afraid of dying in a pool of my own filth in a charity rest home. Having relatives doesn’t guarantee that won’t happen, but it helps.

My internet access has been sporadic, but Roissy put up a thing on testosterone everybody is talking about-

This falls into the area of lifestyle management, which for the omega is the most important thing. I want to put up a review of these things soon, if not the next post.


8 Responses to The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves

  1. Colin says:

    I think 4HWW is valuable as inspiration, if not straight advice. Most of it is quite hard to get working, but that probably means that it’s worth doing.

  2. NMH says:

    With regard to women, you need to learn to settle. That’s what we tell women, right?

  3. Guestopher says:

    Dude, dump your girlfriend. You have to get out as soon as you catch a whiff that things aren’t going to work out. It’s the only way.

  4. bobby says:

    yea guy,

    get rid of her, probably colombia is not the world´s most agreeable women; latinas can be bitches, i mean BITCHES. latinos are too full of themselves. they ain´t perfect. try asia

    Get rid of her, no contact ever again.

  5. NMH says:

    I knew a guy in his mid 30’s who you would not call handsome at all and was a postal worker; he developed a mail relationship with an attractive (7-8) Phillipina girl in her early 20’s, and married her. Still happily married and had three kids.

    Its possible for a girl overseas to be happy with you, but you probably need a stable job. It also helped then they were both devout Catholic.

    Either that, or lower your standards and date a fat yet nice american woman.

    Whatever you do, you probably need to way lower your standards. If you dont enjoy sex with a 5 that is not a good sign.

  6. edificerex says:

    Who are you evaluating web pages for? Sounds like a job you might hold on to part time when you do find something more stable.

  7. Bobby says:

    i suspect that you are with the wrong colombianas. too many men are hung up on paisas from medellin. try cali, friendlier and the sex will be better too. cali is the motherload; don´t let anybody tell you different. too much horseshit is talked about colombia. chat the calenas up, always some agreeable woman to hook up with, maybe live with her for awhile. second best is maybe barranquileras and some rollas from bogota are surprisingly agreeable. Cartagena is for whoring. I can´t believe that you can´t do better. if not, it is definitely time to focus your attention on asia. but remember, caleñas are caliente. Drink some aguardiente an get your groove on with them in juanchito.


    • I have been to Bogota, but not Cali. The women are definitely prettier in Medellin, but Bogota has a much larger selection so you have a better chance of fiding what you want. I think guys don’t like to go to Bogota though because it is ugly as hell and the weather is terrible. I suspect attitude in Colombian women is largely correlated with skin color.

      I got laid, so yeah things aren’t that bad.

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