The Last Drop

I was in Manhattan once, just walking around as I remember, which is something I like to do. I decided I wanted to see the Met, and got there about 4:45 I think, and found that they closed at 6:00. It was something like $20 to get in, and it occurred to me $20 for an hour of museum viewing was not a good value, but I asked myself, “When will I be here again and have this chance?” I’m not a very practical person.

I entered and amongst some Rembrandts I saw this painting, by Frans Hals, a painter of the same time and place.

It’s titled “Boy with a Lute”. The description was that he is pouring out the glass to show there is not a drop left to even wet his fingernail.

It was explained the painting is meant to illustrate, and would have been understood by people of that time, as illustrating the fleeting nature of pleasure. The wine is gone; the musician has finished playing.

Pleasure is indeed fleeting, practically be definition. But does that make it any less meaningful, or enjoyable? The truth is life has few and fleeting moments of pleasure, and we should appreciate them all the more.

I was thinking of this painting one evening in Colombia. I had met a woman and gone out in the country with her, and after quite an adventure of rural bus rides we ended up at a bar and restaurant in La Calera, a hamlet overlooking Bogota. The view was spectacular; to take the chill off the evening (Bogota is around 8700 feet and always chilly) we had a few glasses of hot wine.

There was a singer performing; a guy named Tony from Buenos Aires. I requested “Little Pal”, explaining to him it was this song and not “My Way” that was the true anthem of the American mafioso. (According to something I read in the Wall Street Journal many years ago anyway.) He didn’t know it; nor did he seem to know much English, his trick for performing seemed to be he had an MP3 player with a bunch of songs on it, and would find the song requested and listen to it in his earphones and sing along. I asked for “Tie a Yellow Ribbon” instead, and that he had.

So it was a fun and interesting day, and evening. I saw, did, and experienced things not many people do. The pleasure was fleeting but beautiful nonetheless.

10 Responses to The Last Drop

  1. Sheila Tone says:

    I suspect you’re making this all up based upon something you pilfered from Roosh. Either way, you could at least let us know what happened with the woman. No one reads this blog for your views on food and music.

    Yeah, how come pain hangs around so much longer in the psyche than pleasure? Why doesn’t anyone have flashbacks to really great experiences? Why isn’t there “Post-Terrific Sex Disorder?”

    • Why does Roosh get to have all the fun? Why don’t you think he’s making it up?

      I’m hurt you don’t enjoy my deep philosophical insights. As for the girl we didn’t really hit it off and didn’t keep in touch.

  2. Omega Dork says:

    Don’t listen to Sheila. Your general comments are welcome. I hope to get to the Met some day.

  3. howe says:

    In case you’re ever there again… the Met has always been “pay what you wish but you must pay something.” They may give you the stink-eye but you can just pay $5 if you want. At the end of the day it would be more than fair.

  4. Monad says:

    Sheila Tone, you must be the all knowing oracle of not only the collective readership of Gameforomegas, but you can apparently also esoterically tap into the knowledge of Omegaman himself!!

  5. jlw says:

    I posted this at HUS but wanted to mention it here as I am happy to find one site by an omega for other omegas: people like us who are the least sexually desirable males. We are the ones who remained unable to find women in our youths for a normal relationship because our desirability was (and remains) too low given the existence of less women than men, our own standards and, in some places, men marrying multiple women. (There are about 105 males born for every 100 females.)

    Some numbers from the US census bureau as quoted by Half Sigma: in 1970, non-Hispanic white people were much less likely to be in the never married category. In 1970, 6.9% of men aged 41-45 were never married, compared to 5.1% of women. This is not a very big difference, and can be entirely explained away if you believe that 2.6% of men are homosexual compared to only 1.1% for women.

    In 2006, 16.7% of men aged 41-45 were never married, compared to 10.6% of women. The unmarried gap has increased from 1.8 percentage points to 6.1 percentage points. This suggests to me that most omega males born between 1925 and 1930 were able to find wives. But omega males born between 1961 and 1976 wind up never being able to find a wife. In modern times, women would rather become the second trophy wife of an older alpha male or never marry at all, than settle for an omega male like us. There is huge pack of omega males with standards they can’t match who will be lonely and womanless the first half of their lives and who will crash and burn in the second half if they don’t accept their situation and try to get something else out of life beside a relationship with a MOTOS. That’s the real ‘red pill’ folks.

    The losers and the failures grow in number every year. This will eventually play out negatively. No one cares about these guys and no one ever will. It’s the largest group of people that have ever been held as contemptable by society. What’s needed: self-help and mentoring for the otherwise hopeless which recognizes and addresses that group of omegas who can’t or won’t do what is necessary and who need to look elsewhere, as best they can, for a fulfilling life. Like they used to say on Usenet: we’re losers, we’re failures…and we’re not going away.

  6. jlw says:

    Workshy Joe has started an outstanding analysis of Omegas over at

    Check it out!

    • Workshy Joe says:

      Thank you jlw.

      More posts to come on Ghosts. A while ago I would have just said “learn Game” to omegas.

      But now I would say that its inner Game, inner Game, inner Game all the way.

      If the omega male wants to do go sarging later on then that’s cool.

      If he doesn’t, that’s cool as well.

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