Oh Man……….

I’m alive, just barely. I have reached the point with unemployment where I start to go really nuts. I have two connections saying they will try to come up with something for me, otherwise it’s just resumes into the void.

I saw something on TV about a guy who takes pictures of autistic kids. They had a kid with Asperger’s so I took an online test for it. It showed I definitely have Asperger’s, but of course I take online tests with a grain of salt. I took one at a dating site that said I’m definitely a psychopath. I’m pretty sure I’m just an intelligent person with a lot of social anxiety, but who knows.


2 Responses to Oh Man……….

  1. Monad says:

    Do you have trouble comprehending facial expressions or body language? Do you take what is said to you at face value rather than the underlying message that is being conveyed to you?

    Do you like things perfectly ordered (and get stressed when they are not), have a preoccupation with one or two subjects?

    If not then you don’t likely have Asberger’s syndrome.

    People with social anxiety tend to know the whys and hows of communication, but their anxiety stops them interacting with others. People with Asberger’s have a difficult time comprehending the mechanisms of communication and like to be alone.

    Social anxiety is a self confidence problem and this seems to reflect in your blog posts. You seem like an intelligent guy that understands social dynamics so in my lay opinion I don’t reckon you have Asbergers.

    Anyway I got my own problems in life too mate, less you think I’m come across as condescending.

  2. Sheila Tone says:

    I doubt you have Asperger’s; your writing is too emotional, and you spend too much time caring about what people think. For the same reason, you are not a psychopath. You are probably just poorly socialized.

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