Women Love Status

Susan Walsh has a post up at Hooking Up Smart, “Beware The Frat Rat”-


Some frat guy was caught being a frat guy, that is talking about having sex with women in an unchivalrous manner. I think since feminism became widely accepted in the 70’s people have been doing exposes of frat guys. I remember reading an article in Rolling Stone in the 70’s about how horrible frat guys were.

As I said in my comment, it’s the same then as it was now. College girls love frat guys. I think they know how frat guys feel about them, but they don’t care.

Frat guys have status- it varies by the fraternity, but frat guys are preselected for membership by such things as looks, social skills, athletic ability, the social status of their family back home, and their coolness and masculinity as judged by guys who are already members of the fraternity. Fraternities have different types so a college girl has an idea what she is getting when she meets a member of a certain fraternity or goes to a party there.

I lived my senior year in an apartment building on fraternity row, so I saw the partying all the time. Pretty girls would put on their nice clothes, special makeup and special hair and go over there.

I remember one certain girl. I was walking back home late on the edge of campus, on the street that went to the center of the row. It was a weeknight, maybe 9:30. I came up behind a girl, walking fast with long strides, and her head down, like somebody who is in a hurry and late for something important. There was an urgency in her walk. She was clearly dressed for a party. It was cold but she was wearing a short dress and these white stockings, which were fashionable at the time. She was wearing a sweater over it, which didn’t match the rest of her outfit, but she appeared to be still cold, with her arms crossed over her chest. I didn’t get a good look at her face but she had a nice body and seemed to be fairly good-looking.

“Going to the Beta house to get fucked”, I thought contemptuously, mainly because I was not the one who was going to be fucking her. I was used to seeing girls dressed up and on their way to parties, but usually in small groups and in a festive mood. There just seemed to be something sleazy and desperate about this girl.

But do you see what was happening here? The dick was not chasing the pussy; the pussy was chasing the dick. I wasn’t familiar with the term hypergamy then, but I can’t think of seeing a clearer example in my life. Some tall, blandly handsome boy who had played football in high school and whose father owned the biggest air conditioning and heating business in town was going to have sex with her. No phone number would be nervously asked for; no call would be nervously made, no dinner arranged, no car door opened, no nervous moment at the door.

People define status in different ways but like it or not frat guys have status as it is defined by most of society. Looks, money, athletic skill, occupational prestige- all these are fairly objective and if you have them women will be attracted to you and you won’t need game. Game is basically a set of Jedi mind tricks to convince women you have more status than you objectively do.

It’s probably easier not to fight against the tide so much and go for women who have actual lower status than you.

6 Responses to Women Love Status

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  2. Sheila Tone says:

    In your memory, how do you imagine the young woman fits into your status hierarchy?

    Is she a sorority girl? Is she any different than those guys? Maybe she’s one of their girlfriends. That would help explain why she was going to a social event alone, which young women really do not like to do, unless they’re meeting someone there.

    Or is she like you, an omega female? Someone who had to go out of her way to meet guys. Someone, probably one of the guys, maybe one she knew in class and liked, told here about the party, and she couldn’t get anyone to go with her so she took her chances alone. Do you think she should have stayed home instead, watching TV with her asexual girlfriends? What should a girl in that position do?

  3. Sheila Tone says:

    And if you think a woman who takes the initiative to meet guys is “sleazy and desperate,” well, then an avoidant personality like yourself is really closing off your options.

  4. Sheila Tone says:

    “I think since feminism became widely accepted in the 70′s people have been doing exposes of frat guys. I remember reading an article in Rolling Stone in the 70′s about how horrible frat guys were.”

    You know who I suspect likes reading about awful frat guys the most? Frat guys.

    There are a lot of different types of frats. Some of them have nerdier guys than others. It’s easier for a guy to get into a frat than for a girl to get into a sorority. And there’s power in numbers if you’re looking for positive attention from the opposite sex. It’s much easier to recruit when you’re in a group, and easier to keep a relationship going when it’s socially supported.

  5. Eurosabra says:

    The answer is that she is Everywoman, except for the hairy-legged lesbians, the transsexuals, and the nerdier Asian chicks. She is the sorority girl, or the blue-blooded debutante, or the (straight) Jewish feminist, or the bookish WASP, any woman who is out on the prowl because generally there is no slut-shaming on a campus, or at least any campus (California public university or Ivy) I have ever known. She is not an omega female, because omega females know that frat boys will merely get them drunk or drug them and gang-rape them, because even the university police doubt the word of a hung-over 5 foot 0 inch 220lb 19-year-old girl, “rape is a compliment, you stupid bitch…how else could she get it, looking like she does?” Omega females avoid frats like the plague, knowing that (at worst) rape awaits, at best humiliating rejection.

  6. Black Messiah says:

    Social status should be based around IQ.

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