Single In The Suburbs? Nutty Tales From Dating Hell

Dalrock posted this-

I can’t think of much to say. If you date this woman- by “this woman” I mean the generic equivalent- she will give you a lot of attitude and may make you wish you had just stayed home. Fuck her if you can and leave it at that. If she won’t fuck you or gives you attitude don’t worry about it.

MRA bloggers or game bloggers or whatever guys are always going on about women divorcing their husbands. But the truth is a lot of people are miserable being married. Men avoid divorce, I supposed, because of the cost, separation from children and maybe because they can substitute other things in their life for marital bliss. Women don’t have these costs, so why shouldn’t they, from the cold standpoint of self-interest, get divorced?

The problem is if you’re miserable being married to one person, quite likely you’ll be miserable married to another. Marriage is not for everybody. If a woman isn’t satisfied with the man she was able to get when was younger, better looking, and childless, why does she think she’ll do better as a 45 year old with a torn-up body and two kids?

There isn’t any gold at the end of the rainbow. There isn’t any end to the rainbow, it’s an optical phenomenon, not a physical object. But women are sold different dreams than men. A 45 year old guy knows he’s not going to be a baseball player, and he knows he’s not even going to be president of the company. But why a middle-aged woman thinks Fabio is out there waiting for her, I don’t know.

One Response to Single In The Suburbs? Nutty Tales From Dating Hell

  1. Sheila Tone says:

    A “torn-up body and two kids?” Jesus Christ, my sons didn’t *chew* their way out.

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