The Strange Life Of Naturals

I have a friend who is a natural- he doesn’t get the hottest women, in fact he often has sex with ugly ones, but he is rarely without a “friend with benefits” as we now call them. He told me a story recently that I think illustrates a fundamental difference between naturals and other men.

Long ago, when he was a kid, he wanted to buy a tape recorder. He saved up his money and went to the store. The lady behind the electronics counter told him the one he wanted for $20 was sold out, but there was another one for $50, which she showed him. He thanked her but said he only had the money for the $20 model. She tells him, “Meet me in back of the fabric store in 20 minutes.” He was familiar with the fabric store, as his mom bought fabric there, and remembered the big stacks of fabric made for privacy in the back. He meets her there and she produces the $50 tape recorder and gives it to him, for nothing. He thanks her, and she asks him if he wants to come back to her apartment and hang out. “The problem”, he told me, breaking into laughter, “was that I had not yet reached puberty.” He declined, due to an inability to perform sexually, but she was cool with it and he went home with his tape recorder.

I had a junior-high teacher who may have been putting the moves on me (a woman) but I have never had that kind of sexual aggression from women. His college girlfriend made the first move with him, pretty directly as I remember. I believe there is something biologically different about naturals, probably a higher level of testosterone among other things. The prepubescent pickup my friend experienced can’t be explained by his testosterone level, because he hadn’t hit puberty yet, but his father was a super Type A guy who got a lot of women, which makes me think it’s genetic/biological.

Hanging out with naturals won’t get you laid. I have tried it. You can’t model naturals because they don’t do anything. You can’t ask them to explain what they do because they don’t do anything and if they did, they wouldn’t be able to explain it.

You have to take naturals out of the equation, because comparing yourself to them is frustrating and not realistic in any case.


8 Responses to The Strange Life Of Naturals

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  2. Omega Dork says:

    Yeh, I don’t know about the testosterone comment. First, I’ve read a couple of places recently that it isn’t responsible for sex drive, that some neurotransmitter (dopamine?) is. But also, it seems to me that naturals have almost an indifference to women that allows them to be casual around them. Perhaps they have LOWER sex drives.

    • MaMu1977 says:

      As someone who didn’t put 2 and 2 together until he was almost thirty, then managed to increase his “score” 10x in less than a year (without changing a single facet of his Game, aside from wearing nicer clothes and smiling), I’ll cop to the lower sex drive comment. I’ve never chased a woman, I’ve never “gone crazy” for a woman, I’ve never spent more than $30 on a woman in my entire life ($40 if I include the cost for my half of a dinner date), and it drives women crazy. Then again, my inability to see women as monolithic sex objects allows me to figure out which women are ready to go and which women are just playing/pretending, which has helped to increase my numbers drastically.

      Bottom line: remove the idea of fucking women from your mind, and women will jump through hoops to figure out why you don’t want to fuck them.

      P.S. I’m pretty sure that I know who the site owner is, now.

      • Maybe it’s because women are process-oriented, and men are goal-oriented? When you yourself become process-oriented, it throws them off. I don’t know if these are the best words, but that is the best I can think of.

    • If they have a *lower* sex drive it’s because they get laid more and aren’t eager or desperate. I think it’s actually a high sex drive combined with a positive expectation, and whatever qualities make them desirable- looks, social status, etc.

  3. Sheila Tone says:

    There are also a lot of people who just lie all the damn time and make up stories like that for the hell of it.

    I think the main thing with most of those guys is that they’re simply not picky, and give off an “easy” vibe. So the minority of women looking for easy sex can figure out where to go.

  4. NMH says:

    Here is another way to think of it: almost all of us are natural’s to some women (although it maybe very few). For example, I sense that there are some women who I know who would have sex with me if I asked them cold, but these women tend to be 3’s and 4’s while I appear to be a 7, at least to a few women that have scored me.

    I think when we see hot women (8 and above) walk off with men who are not obviously 10’s, we call these men naturals, but really what they are are 7’s and 8’s with a lot of game.

  5. I think it may be something that’s neither looks nor personality related. Higher T is a good candidate. You yourself can’t find a “game” explanation for this, so what else could it be than some physical attribute that we haven’t picked up on? Pheremones are a possibility too, though less likely.

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