Happy Freaking New Year

So what the hell is Omega Man going to do?

I honestly don’t know yet. The last two years have been pretty hellish with no or really bad employment. I can’t really get myself going on any real self-improvement unless I have a decent job. I thought I had something good lined up last week but it was delayed and I haven’t heard from the guy yet. I hope it comes through- it’s not a dream job but all things considered in the industry pretty good.

I have my one foreign girlfriend and as the cliche goes, I love her, but I’m not in love with her. There are some things missing, one of them frankly being I wish she was a little hotter. She is educated, ambitious, hard-working, and comes from a good family. She would be a net asset to me, unlike my other one, with whom I had a very strong but dysfunctional bond. She still has doubts about me- she seems to have no ability to handle my moodiness. She said we need time together; when and how that is going to happen I don’t know.

My other remotely plausible current leads are in faraway, not necessarily really pleasant places. I will go if I have to but I don’t know if that would be OK with her.

Married or not I want to work on this; it’s all about self-improvement as applied to social functioning, and I want to figure out a way to make myself work as a social person, socially and economically.

There isn’t in any case too much reason to fear the future; there is always hope, and always reason to look for a good outcome. My real troubles have been unforseen anyway, and I can’t worry about something I can’t even imagine yet; better to deal with it when it comes. It will be trouble enough then, and I need my strength for now.


7 Responses to Happy Freaking New Year

  1. Mahoney (the key board warrior) says:

    Two women on the go at once? Fuck off mate, your not an omega! Your atleast a lower status beta, that’s meant to be compliment. I find it strange and irritating that your so willing to expose the excruciatingly painful and embarrassing details about erectile dysfunction and crying during your sexual surrogate session, but you won’t speak in detail about either of your two current relationships. Clearly you don’t have a problem revealing embarrassing details, so I find it somewhat of a letdown that you won’t open up about experiences where you’ve actually had success instead of failure. Seriously man, if you wrote an ebook of your complete life story I would actually spend money on it, not much money, but some, so please don’t spare the details.

    • Foreign women are very easy to get something going with because and average guy from the first world is like Prince Charming to them. I will write in more detail about that though. You’re in the UK, right? Check out the Ukraine.

  2. Sheila Tone says:

    “Strange and irritating …” or perhaps merely suspicion-inducing.

    But I just can’t kick someone who’s down in the job market, so I’ll keep my mouth shut this time. I can totally sympathize with not being able to attend to other matters when one huge worry is hanging over me.

  3. Mahoney (the key board warrior) says:

    I have a deep mistrust of Slavs. My Father (an omega) went down that root, married some Russian gold digger (digging for Permanent Residency not money), moved her over here (to Australia) where she falsely accused him of domestic violence, got a restraining order and disappeared from the scene never to return again. She was a cunt of the highest order. If that wasn’t bad enough, my brain-dead Father is now trying to due the same thing with some Ukrainian bitch single mother. It takes a special kind of stupid to go through it twice, but some people never learn.

    I wish the Slavs were an option, seeing as how I feel much more comfortable with a white woman (beggars can’t be choosers I know)

    By the way GFO I want you to explore these links. You were right in stating that masturbation is bad for you, but you should read exactly how and why it is. You said that you restrained from masturbating for two days before you hook up, that demonstrates that especially for a man you age, your masturbating way to much to be healthy.


    I suggest you read all the articles on this site, and look more into sexual exhaustion. I truly believe in my heart that one of the many, many reasons men are so effeminate today is due to over masturbation, the word must be spread. So Get your hand of your dick! I know I have yet to obey my own advice but when masturbation and pornography are your only sexual outlet its damn near impossible to give up.

    • Different areas carry different levels of risk with mail-order brides. There seem to be a high number of bad apples among the Slavs; also among Filipinas. The best bet is South Americans I think, of course it’s always risky. But marriage is risky, period. If you’re in Oz try Southeast Asia, if only for sexual recreation. I know a lot of Aussies and Kiwis go backpacking in South America; I don’t know what the logistics of getting there are, but if you look at the southern hemisphere on a map it might not be that far.

      I will take a look at that website, thanks for the tip.

      • Mahoney (the keyboard warrior) says:

        My Dad just returned from Thailand, supposedly to meet with that same Ukrainian. Yet he immediately proceeded to tell me that he had at least 8 hookers over there on a two week trip, how great Bangkok was, practically begged me to go there as soon as possible, even offering to pay for my airfares. It seems somewhat unlikely that a man who meets up with a woman for an international holiday will have time to patronize all the prostitution hotspots and fuck eight of them. I suspect he was lying about the real reasons for his trip and never met up with that woman. I might even have to bump his SMV at least half a notch, you sort of remind me of him in a slight way, very unusual.

  4. hardyhar says:

    Do you speak Spanish? I don’t, probably helps in SA. I do OK here though.

    Your foreign GF sounds like a strong and well balanced person, in a good way. Don’t underestimate that.

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