The Dilbert Blog On Confidence

Scott Adams, author of Dilbert, has some comments on confidence, and how it’s really just an illusion-

This is all very true. I don’t really like the part about the trick though; you can’t really trick your mind. I think it is most helpful to have a view of yourself that falls on the high side of realistic, with a decent margin inside the range of plausibility. I read a psychiatrist once describing denial as “generally a healthy quality.” We need a little illusion to get through the day.

We can generalize from a situation, sometimes reasonably, sometimes not. If you do something well, you can think “I did that well, and I can probably do it well again.” Or you could think, “That was just luck, I probably won’t do that well again.” Same thing with a bad situation.

I generalize a lot of negative things about situations and people. I know I shouldn’t but it’s unconscious, or maybe better stated “pre-conscious.”


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