More On My Brain And Neil Strauss Opens A Can Of Whoop-Ass

The good news is it looks like I have some temporary work which may well lead to good permanent work. The bad news is my old boss saw my resume on-line and claims I am lying because I describe myself as training and supervising him. He is also trying to make trouble with other people who I have worked for, but I don’t think it will amount to much. The guy is an ass clown and I think most people know it. How well the new job goes will depend on what kind of initial impression I make, and I doubt one bad reference- I don’t actually list him, but the company he contracted with- is going to make much difference.

Nevertheless my mind was racing all afternoon and I worked on putting together one of my presents. It is very important to be able to control one’s thoughts. Anxiety is simply the inability to control fear, depression the inability to control sadness, and I suppose mania is the inability to control excitement. Worrying about it is pointless, and fantasizing about kicking his ass is also pointless.

I made some changes to my publicly visible resume, and then he called me and claimed it still wasn’t accurate. I decided to take it down for the time being as it is now only being seen by people who may become upset. I’ll worry about this later and concentrate now on getting ready to work, which is best for my mental state.

Neil Strass wrote on the bogus nature of so much seduction material-

Read the whole thing.


3 Responses to More On My Brain And Neil Strauss Opens A Can Of Whoop-Ass

  1. Sheila Tone says:

    I thought you *did* train him, unless the post I’m thinking of describes another situation.

    Jesus, he looked up your resume online and called you and nitpicked it? Crazy. It’s not as if you mentioned his name specifically (I’m assuming).

    Nothing new in that Strauss article, I’ve been making those points for years.

  2. Sheila Tone says:

    What do you think of this guy who opened fire at a strip club in Arizona? Weird that he didn’t seem to target the dancers, or else he was just easily thwarted. He shot only patrons and security.

    • It doesn’t give enough information about him to have any real idea what was going on. He obviously had long-term mental and personal issues, but why he decided to do this shooting at this time and place isn’t clear.

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