Who Wants To Be Naked Around Gay Guys?

Sheila wanted to know what I think about the repeal of DADT. I avoid politics here as it’s a dead-end and a waste of time, but basically it’s a dumb idea that will create a lot of problems for the dubious benefit of making yuppies feel good about themselves.

Decent people are supposed to think that homosexuality is perfectly normal and fine, and dislike of homosexuals and homosexuality is the sign of cruel, disordered personality and likely suppressed homosexuality. That’s great but vast numbers of the great unwashed- people not living in the blue cities and the blue states, from whom we draw most of our military personnel- don’t feel this way. For these people, homosexuality is associated with child molestation, bullying, and rape in prison and other institutions.

Are gays nice, if maybe a little flaky, guys in pastel sweaters who adopt foreign babies, like in “Modern Family”, or are they rapists and head cases? The truth lies somewhere in between. As for me I see that happiness and pleasure are fleeting things in a hard, uncaring world. Your personal hell might be 50 hours a week doing oil changes or 70 hours a week in a law office. In any case of you want to have sex with another guy and you will enjoy that then go ahead. Just don’t get AIDS because you will need very expensive drugs for years and that will add to the increases in health care costs that everybody is always complaining about.

In your daily, nice, polite yuppie life, you may know and work with gay people. And they seem normal and nice enough. But the military is not like normal life. Freedom and privacy are limited in the military, even in the cushy support jobs so many military people do. The stress and need for mutual support and assistance demand soldiers be able to bind themselves together in a functional, masculine way. I can’t do this, and I’m not even gay. To the extent gay guys can do this is the extent they can conceal their orientation.

This won’t cause a lot of trouble in logistics, administration or intelligence. In the opening of “The Thirteenth Valley” John Del Vecchio drily notes that the mobility of the helicopter enabled even more jobs for commanders, communications, transport, and support troops, and only one in ten troops in Vietnam was actually an infantryman.  That was before the modern age; I don’t know what the ratio is now. These people work in air-conditioned trailers or shaded hangars. They eat in mess halls operated by civilian contractors and staffed by workers from Bangladesh or the Philippines. If they don’t care to eat at the mess hall there is a Burger King and a Dunkin’ Donuts available to them. (If they are Canadian, a Tim Horton’s, no lie.) They have fairly private sleeping areas, hot showers and bathrooms. These troops are more likely to be intelligent, educated and highly trained, and thus indoctrinated in the official position that homosexuality is perfectly normal and acceptable. Their lives are little different from people at home, and for them someone’s gayness is a fairly marginal issue.

All of these people, however, exist for one purpose and one purpose only, which is to support a young man, a high school graduate with a 100 IQ, at least nominally some kind of conservative Christian, be that evangelical or Catholic. He carries a machine gun and a 100 pound pack. He does not sit at a desk, looking at a computer. He doesn’t analyze or organize anything, he doesn’t pick up a wrench or move anything around. He walks for miles over steep mountains or through dense jungles in extreme temperatures. He shoots people, hopefully before they shoot him. He joined out of some combination of desire for adventure, honor, prestige, patriotism, and rustic chivalry that are so strong for young men and that fade over the years into a nostalgic glow, as the strong feeling of youth do. He likely regrets his decision to some degree but is going to see his mission through. All the coddled, spoiled support troops exist for only one reason, to help him do his job, and if he is not there, there is no purpose or reason for them.

He also dislikes homosexuals and homosexuality, not and does want to be in this kind of environment with a gay guy. I think this is largely rational, and to the extent it’s not telling the kind of kid who becomes a combat arms soldier that being gay is perfectly OK and he should just get over it is not going to work. That is if you can even get him to join in the first place. Joining the military- aside from career training and educational benefits- is something young guys do because they want to be macho tough guys. Being a macho tough guy does not include being publicly homosexual. Gays in the military are now and will continue to be mostly support troops, like spy Bradley Manning, with a few in the combat arms who are very straight-acting and very careful to conceal their orientation. But shortly we will be bomabarded with stories about gay SEALs, gay Rangers, gay Special Forces, gay Airborne, gay fighter pilots, and as much as I dread the thought gay Marines. The actual numbers will be limited to the dozen or so that can be found for the article  or segment but the damage will be done. The macho mystique will be gone and for hundreds or thousands of young men a career at Jiffy Lube will look like a better option.

Don’t dismiss this- Napoleon said men would risk their lives for bits of ribbon. It wasn’t for the ribbon of course, but for the intangibles the few cents of metal and cloth represented. When those intangibles are gone, the motivation is gone with it. Those intangibles and that motivation is what makes a military.

I was in the coffee shop the other day, surrounded by other people on their notebooks. In my field of vision I counted four Macs and one PC. Until we get the Mac people to enlist, and join the infantry, this is not going to work. I didn’t see any who looked like they would last 50 yards in what a 11B or an 0311 carries. These people no doubt think I’m a horrible, mean person who wants to hurt gay people. But that’s the entire problem with this country, the people who decide have very narrow lives and experiences and are completely intolerant of those of others, while they think themselves worldly and sophisitcated because they have gay friends and have been to Florence.

19 Responses to Who Wants To Be Naked Around Gay Guys?

  1. Sheila Tone says:

    Or because we KNOW GAYS WHO SERVED. Had you really served, you’d have known some. Even my dad knew some.

  2. Sheila Tone says:

    OK, yeah, my dad was in logistics.

    But funny how I read this thing twice and you don’t say one word abour your own experience with GAYS IN THE MILITARY. You just cite some book you read. Like when you talk about Catholics, same thing. Some book you read.

    • (Groan) OK an example. I knew a guy in training who seemed to be an excellent Marine officer. One day for some reason he was wearing glasses, but instead of the wire-rimmed type usually worn or the official issue black plastic frames he had on these big tortoise-shell glasses like old ladies liked to wear back in those days. That seemed a little weird. I later heard he was kicked out after being caught in a compromising position with a junior enlisted man.

      Nobody would have known had it not been for his *misconduct*, as is often the case, as with this Air Force nurse we hear about all the time. I heard about others getting kicked out but I can’t say I was aware of any otherwise.

  3. Roger Greenberg says:

    He was obviously MOLESTED, you dolt. That’s why he’s got a bug up his butt with the gays.

    • No, not molested. You could respond to my arguements, or just say you think they’re wrong and disagree with me, but you have to attribute hidden motives that question my ability to make sound mental judgements. Typical liberal move, doesn’t work with me, but that’s what most political discussion consists of and so I avoid it.

  4. sestamibi says:

    Ah, poor unenlighted omegaman. Haven’t you yet learned to LOVE Big Brother?


    • A rectum is not a vagina. The two organs, while located in close proximity, serve very different physiological purposes.

      • Sheila Tone says:

        Nice to know some men still have this attitude, but you’re a dying breed.

      • Anonymous says:


        Right, which is why the armed services, have been and will be “starved” for good recruits.
        They already consider more than 50% of the American male population “not acceptable” recruits.

        Try to remember that it’s “rough” men that are good at violence that have in the past and still do ensure that you are able to sleep safely at night.

      • Anonymous says:

        @Laura, that is.

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s better that the Military be the best at what it is instead of being used as part of some social experiment.

        @Sheila, this troglodyte needs more coffee before commenting on blogs.

      • Sheila Tone says:

        But it’s also the rough men good at violence who make it so I *can’t* sleep safely at night. Who else have I got to worry about?

        How ironic: I should respect rough men good at violence because they may, if i’m lucky, protect me from their Ilk.

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  6. Mike43 says:

    “All of these people, however, exist for one purpose and one purpose only, which is to support a young man, a high school graduate with a 100 IQ, at least nominally some kind of conservative Christian, be that evangelical or Catholic. He carries a machine gun and a 100 pound pack. He does not sit at a desk, looking at a computer.”

    I have been trying to make this point with my local newspaper and several other bloggers. And they don’t seem to get it. Jiffy Lube would start looking better to these young men.

    Why do I suspect that? Based on over 30 years in service in combat units in the US Army, both active and reserves. Both enlisted and officer. Yes, 11B, Airborne, Ranger and some Spec Ops training.

    But don’t listen to me. I’ve lived the life and walked the walk in Iraq and several other countries. So, what would I know when compared to our representatives and our President.

    • You can’t make the point because liberal yuppies think they know everything, understand everything, and have experienced everything, and other peoples’ viewpoints just don’t count. Their education consists largely of being told anyone who disagrees with them must, by definition, be racist, sexist, and homophobic.

  7. MaMu1977 says:

    In 9 years of service, I’ve met about 3 “out” gay guys (they weren’t really out, but close enough for gov’t work) and more than a dozen ‘closeted’ (as in, they hit one me) gay guys (their usual tactic was to ask me if I owned any “Dirk Yates” videos. Take my advice, don’t look these things up.)

    That being said (and I hate to admit this), as long as they do the job and keep their hands/”attitudes” to themselves, I don’t care how many gay people decide to enlist. I work with a bunch or (assumably) straight people who want to be put on quarters when they have a cold, a ‘clean’ gay guy or girl who can be counted on to stay disease free and is willing to work past ten hours a day would be a major improvement.

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