“You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid!”

Remember “A Christmas Story”? Ralphie more that anything wants a DaisyRed Rider BB gun for Christmas, but everybody tells him he’ll shoot his eye out.

Nonetheless he gets his BB gun. And he does shoot his eye out-

Well, he doesn’t actually shoot his eye out. He was wearing glasses, which protected his eye. But he kept quiet about it. Nothing more embarrassing than having such a prediction come true.

Something like this happened to me, and I was feeling kind of bad about it, until I thought of this. If you can reframe your failures as funny incidents they are much less painful.


4 Responses to “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid!”

  1. Sheila Tone says:

    As someone with sons, I cannot watch this. It sounds as if it might be horrific.

    My husband has a BB permanently embedded in his cheek because he and his friends thought it was funny to shoot at each other. You can only see it if he pushes his tongue against the side of his mouth.

    • How any boy survives childhood is a mystery. Although kids these days are much more closely supervised.

      Things like this are great for kids but they need adult supervision. Ralphie’s mistake was putting up his target against a metal sign instead of a bale of hay or something similarly energy-absorbing.

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