Female Sexual Resistance

With a tip of the hat to Ferdinand Bardimu, here is a young woman talking about sexually bonding with her husband, whom she married as a virgin-


Note she mentions her “virgin defense shield” mentions her “years of good-girlism” and a bit surprisingly, that sex still hurts.

I have theorized that women have both a biologically-based and a socially-based program for resisting sex-


Assanova has recently commented how much easier it is to get women with a lot of sexual experience and more unconventional experience to have sex, as compared to the flakiness and resistance of normal women-


The woman in the first example had a lot of anti-sex programming, which even while she’s functioning within the dictates of her religion- she is having sex with her husband, having been a virgin at marriage- still significantly affects her. Women will have widely varying levels of sexual resistance, depending on their socialization, personal experiences, and total sexual experience.

Women are pretty frustrating- at least for me- but it helps to remember she is going through a long process of deciding whether she is going to have sex with you, which involves all kinds of personal issues for her. Patience and relaxation are required, as always.

2 Responses to Female Sexual Resistance

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  2. Sheila Tone says:

    Come on, GFO, you’re too smart to fall for that “girl game” blog crap. Anything that she says that makes you feel good, disbelieve.

    I can believe the part about it remaining uncomfortable, although she probably put that in to give the male readers a sadistic little thrill. It’s pretty easy for sex to be uncomfortable, actually, regardless of one’s experience level. I wonder how prostitutes do it so on command — probably drugs.

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