Walk On By

With a tip of the hat to Roissy- http://roissy.wordpress.com/2010/10/20/compare-and-contrast-two-bitter-ex-lovers/ and various others, as this has created a bit of a stir on the net, a man lashes out at his ex-girlfriend-

Dionne Warwick sang of the pain of a broken heart, and the necessity of not letting it show-

There is actually an alpha way to deal with getting dumped-

This is an old country song. Country songs are more emotionally realistic than white pop, as among poorer people pretention is both unnecessary and scorned. Is this alpha? I don’t know if Roissy would agree, but this guy says “hey, I enjoyed, it was great while it lasted. It’s gone now, but I wish it a fond farewell, for the good and the bad.” In the end you must say goodbye to everything, even life itself, and this is the only way to do it.

Tearing yourself up about the past is futile. You can probably look back and point to many mistakes you made, but lacking a time machine you can’t fix it. You can sometimes learn from your mistakes, but often you’ll never see that situation again so the lesson is pointless. Control is more often than not an illusion.

More to the point the weaker you are, the less anger it is socially permissible to show. One has to assume Seavey was dumped here. Had he tired of her he probably wouldn’t have said one word about it. Even if he wanted to get the better of her in some argument, he wouldn’t have mentioned it in any more than a very offhand way. As the loser here he is weak, and has to pretend it didn’t matter and he didn’t get hurt.

Is Seavey, as Roissy says, a hopeless case? Perspective is both easy and very hard to change. If you approach things from the viewpoint that they should be a certain way, as long as they are that way, you’ll be quite happy. And when they’re not, which is probably a lot more of the time, you’ll be pretty unhappy. If you approach things from the viewpoint that you prefer things a certain way, you can arrange to make them that way to the extent you can, but you won’t be broken up or disappointed too much if they aren’t.

Unless a woman is seriously in love with you, you have to regard the relationship as a passing thing. You will get tired of her, or she will get tired of you. Concentrate on enjoying life, and enjoying women as they come and go.

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