Yet More Craigslist Hooking Up

I saw this woman again yesterday. She started to give me oral sex on the couch, with her pants on. I concluded it was that time of the month and her pants weren’t coming off, but I broached the subject explicitly.

That was the case, but I asked her if we could at least lie down in the bedroom. She agreed, I took off all my clothes and she took off her pants but left her panties on. This woman is extremely orgasmic; she comes when I touch her nipples, she comes giving me a hand job, she comes when I kiss her, and she went completely nuts when I sucked and nibbled on her nipples. I was biting down with my lips between my teeth and her nipples, until my lips started to hurt and I just bit them, trying to be firm but not actually do any damage.

I’m puzzled by the prevalence of upper lip hair amongst women of over what, 40? Maybe the age is lower but at a certain point you seem guaranteed to get some hair in your mouth. It’s fairly minimal and avoidable with her. Maybe womens’ magazines should have fewer articles on new sex positions and more on the importance of good oral hygiene and facial waxing to a good sexual experience for the man. Give the man a good sexual experience and he’ll give you a good sexual experience.

I tried some different condoms, a couple of the ultra thin brands. The Trojan large sizes fit me for diameter but are too long. The regular sized thins seem to work a little better but they are very hard to get on. I hope to be able to have intercourse with her next time and I will report how it goes.

I have other potentials I’m working on and hopefully will have a woman who matches more what I want physically (that is, thin and hot, or at least average).

2 Responses to Yet More Craigslist Hooking Up

  1. Mahoney (the key board warrior) says:

    I think for an omega you’ve got a hell of a lot going for you, it seems you certainly weren’t lying about being sexually skilled, it could be a hell of a lot worse, trust me on that one. All in all, your recent set of adventures leads me to conclude that men in the “omega” category are far more diverse than I realized. They are low omegas, mid omegas, high omegas, not quite sure where you fit in but you most definitely far above me.

  2. raedawn says:

    “I was biting down with my lips between my teeth and her nipples, until my lips started to hurt and I just bit them, trying to be firm but not actually do any damage.”

    I don’t get how this works. You were biting your own lips, and somehow her nipples were involved?

    I am so jealous of this woman. She is unattractive and yet manages to have incredible sex with some random guy she drags off the Internet. Why the hell should she wax her lip? It doesn’t seem to have any relation to the quality of her sex life. I fuss all the time about how I look and the best sex of my life doesn’t sound this good.

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