George Sodini vs. R. Crumb

Stumbling around the internet I ran into this blog post, discussing the history of underground cartoonist R. Crumb and comparing it to that of the late George Sodini-

The writer pegs Sodini’s meltdown to his inability to distinguish himself in some way to make him attractive enough to women to overcome his omega characteristics, as R. Crumb did with his artistry.

I disagree. I have known more guys like this, and I don’t think if Sodini had had a better job and made more money he would have done any better. His fundamental problem was the inability to deal with the existential facts of his life, which he felt condemned him irretrievably.

The bullying to which Crumb’s brother was subjected is significant. Functional nerds have weird interests and limited social skills but don’t have the rage, hatred and fear that violent humiliation create. Unfortunately this isn’t regarded as a social problem- it’s actually thought to be amusing.

An example of this is an episode of “The Simpsons” where Lisa discovers a smell that nerds emit that evokes aggressive behavior from bullies. (It’s really their fault, see? They provoke it.) The bully, a large girl, is regarded as comical; the victims are regarded with malicious contempt. Child abuse by adults is regarded as a really bad thing; child abuse by other children is regarded as a moral failure by the victim. 

I understand there are practical reasons for this; adults can’t supervise children all the time,and children must learn to deal with a variety of behavior as part of the socialization process. The problem is some children are larger, stronger, and more inclined to violence than others, and can’t be dealt with by communication or negotiation of any kind. And recognizing that fact, adults who supervise children such as teachers say “Too bad.”

Most kids get by one way or another. Unfortunately this leaves a few particularly vulnerable ones to suffer real harm. I haven’t found much of the way of answers for this. Nobody cares. I don’t think psychology or psychiatry have any real answers for this, beyond a certain degree of palliation. The closest I can come by is from Aphrodite Matsakis, a clinical psychologist who worked on PTSD for the Veterans Administration. She wrote a book about PTSD called “I Can’t Get Over It” which includes many helpful exercises. In it she says “Living well is the best, and probably only, revenge.”

If you come from an environment such as this, and have adapted in this way, it’s important to avoid turning too inward. Exercising and doing physical things outside- which don’t need to be expensive or complicated, just walking is good- relieve stress in a way watching TV, reading books or the internet, other kinds of interaction on the internet or playing video games don’t. It just occurred to me being outside is a trigger for a lot of people- “I might easily run into a bully out here.”

I’ve got the Crumb documentary in my Netflix queue and I’ll be interested to see the whole story. Apparently Crumb’s success with women that came after fame didn’t decrease his bitterness, but only increased it. He was never able to trust or love anybody. That’s a place I’d like to get to, and I may yet.

In the meantime I’m getting a pretty sweet motorcycle in a couple of days and hopefully will be able to do some nice fall riding.

26 Responses to George Sodini vs. R. Crumb

  1. Mahoney says:

    Did you say you were a highschool dropout? I’d like to ask you what to you think is the main cause of your omeganess? Are you physically unattractive? The reason I ask is because in addition to being socially inept and a died in the wool introvert, I am also rather ugly, not hideously ugly but ugly none the less. I considerate myself fortunate in the sense that I will never be like George Sordini, a man who cannot understand why women reject him, If I want to answer the same question for myself all I have to do is look in the mirror.

    But I will say Mr Omega, thank your lucky stars that you have a very large penis and are sexually skilled, I am the complete opposite. So for me I must go through struggle and pain in order to get some second rate pussy and then face the real possibility of being mocked and humilated for being sexually inadequate, oh the joy! Its so pathetic I can’t help but laugh at myself and the truly shitty predicament I’m in.

    In a sense I am begining to see women as completely useless to me, because I am useless to them the only thing that can offer me is pain, fear, humilation, sorry, anger, rage, misanthropy and self loathing, hardly the worlds greatest cocktail of emotions.

  2. Sheila Tone says:

    Mahoney, when was the post about GFO’s large penis and sexual skill? I missed that one.

    GFO, R. Crumb has been married to his second wife, Aline, for going on 30 years now, and he has two grown children whom I’ve never heard anything bad about. He lives in the south of France. His only big problem was lots of infidelity on his part, hardly unusual for an artist.

  3. Sheila Tone says:

    And Mahoney, ugly people find love with other ugly people all the time. You must have problems beyond your appearance.

  4. Sheila Tone says:

    God, I love men’s penile insecurity. It makes it so easy to zing them. It’s the female version of the “n” word to a black person, except it’s acceptable. Most of us don’t really care, but we sure like you to think we do because it keeps you in your places.

    • Mahoney says:

      Ah Shelia your comment provoked me to indulge in some heavy fantasy, I won’t go into the details but I think you can easily guess what I mean. Women like you make feelings of hate, bitterness or self loathing seem truly meaningless, but you also make it seem like the actions of George Sordini were nothing other than a perfectly natural, organic expression of the forces of nature and the human condition. Although I can bring myself to malign him, chastise him for his attitude (but never his actions) my only motivation is a deep sense of empathy and connectness to him. Nobody will ever remember the lives of the women he killed, but Sordini’s name will live on and on. I wish I could just come out and say exactly what I want to say to you Sheila, but I enjoy reading this blog to much and I don’t wanna get banned. I think you get the idea though.

      I welcome your stinging reply when it comes. I’m going to be thinking of you tonight Sheila and contrary to what you might think the only emotion in my heart will be one of pure love.

      I guess what I want to say is I can absolutely accept and understand and even look forward to kind of pain women like you can and do inflict upon me. Only I want the chance to return the favor. Because you are intellectually and emotionally superior to me, by far, there’s only one way that I can think of to return the favor. I see it as the natural order that people simply like to inflict pain on others, you so love to inflict pain upon men (yes you do) and I can never, ever blame you for it. I’m the same, but because I’m so fucking inferior I never get a chance to inflict pain on women and especially on women like you. That leaves men like me, men like Sordini only one route to do the natural thing and cause other people pain and suffering. I think I’ve said enough now.

  5. Mahoney says:

    Sheila it is worthless to me to speak to you like this seeing as how I’d never have the courage to kill you, or other typical rude, pushy arse bitches like yourself. I just want you to know that its what I want to do. More than that I’d love to smash your sons head in with a hammer and then see your face at his funeral. I am weakling who wouldn’t even have the courage to pull off such a daring murder/suicide, I just feel its important to let you know how I feel. May you get cancer and die, may you get raped, may some manner of horribly unfortunate circumstances be inflicted upon you. May you go before the crosshairs of the next Sordini,whoever he is. Again, I have no hatred for you, this is all part of the natural order, men like me get shit upon by women like you for all their lives, but every once in awhile a bunch of you get shot by a lone gunman. May justice be visited upon you, swiftly!

  6. Mahoney (the key board warrior) says:

    I want to apologise to you GFO about that last comment I left. I feel really worthless now. Its a bad habbit of mine to reflexivly issue death threats when I feel my back is against the wall. Its not the immorality of it which I find shameful, but just the reality of how pathetic it is to be the kind of loser that issues internet death threats that he has no intention of ever carrying out. I truly wish Sheila and all her kind of the harm in the world, but I know damn well that I’d never have the balls to say what I said in my above comment to her face. That makes me a cowardly, spineless, immature loser. I just can’t seem to let the idea of ultimate justice go, me carrying out my threats in the above comment is servicing Sheila with exactly what she deserves. I know I throw away whatever tiny shreds of dignity I have when I issue those childish death threats, but like I said to Sheila I really can’t defend myself against her. I am quite sure Sheila is laughing it up when she reads these comments.

  7. Mahoney (the key board warrior) says:

    Sheila don’t get confused. I am not your typical omega, don’t make the mistake of thinking all omegas have attitudes like mine, I am the very bottom of the barrel. I have no problems disgracing myself but I will never disgrace my beloved omega brethen.

  8. Sheila Tone says:

    Mahoney, you can make up for your burst of emotional incontinence by doing some self-analysis. What was it I said that triggered your hostility?

    Was it my comment that women don’t really care about penis size, but we like you to think we do? Was it jealousy that I cared about GFO’s penis but not yours?

    Was it anger at feeling detrimentally compared to another undominant, unhandsome man, R. Crumb, who has nonetheless managed to have a successful marriage, career, and family?

    GFO, I’d be interested in hearing your views after you see the documentary. I saw it in the theater, so my memory is hazy, but my main impression is that there seemed to be a lot of mental illness in his family, and also a lot of artistic talent. His wife Aline was an comic artist, too, not of his renown but few are. She was neither a great beauty no substantially younger than he was. They are a good example of two somewhat unusual, dysfunctional people bonding productively over a shared interest.

  9. Mahoney (the key board warrior) says:

    I just so despise people that revel in humilating men and “keeping them in their place”, you are a mean spirited cunt, through and through. I read your rude, snarky comments filled with thinly veiled insults on almost every single entry of this blog and it upsets me. You are a hostile bitch to omega males, yet you’ve attached yourself like a leech to one of the few outlets of constantly maligned males have to draw strength and wisdom. I also see your blog has linked a cunt much worse than yourself, I won’t ever mention her name because I fear it will magically cause her to appear. That’s what triggered me to release my ace up the sleeve, which I see has completely failed to perturb you. I will never try to method again, seeing as how it failed so miserbly.

    • Sheila Tone says:

      How am I hostile? I read this blog more than you do and, unlike you, provide thoughtful analysis and productive advice. Advice from a real woman is more valuable than back-patting from a psycho who wants him in the company of the failures.

      I don’t believe half of his bio information, but the emotions are probably sincere. Are any of you actually falling for him being a high school dropout?

      • EHF says:

        No I’m not falling him for anything, I happen to be a highschool dropout myself and am seeking inspiration to better myself, either that or consolation. You do like to chide this guy, you can’t deny that and if you do it just means being a bitch comes completely naturally to you and is an innate part of your personality. I come to this blog to learn not to teach, I have nothing to offer in the way of advice since I have made no progress in overcoming my extreme omeganess/introversion and social retardation. I don’t know why you cannot accept what he says at face value. Why would a man who admits to such embarrassing things such as failing to perform sexually lie about living in Panama? On many occasions you have insulted GFO and then acted like it was no big deal, whilst hiding behind a shield of supposed benevolence. You may offer more than me, but that’s not saying much seeing as how inferior I am. You’ll brush of your cutting, sarcastic remarks at this point, just like you did when GFO himself called you on it, I think you should acknowledge your wrongdoings.

      • Mahoney (the key board warrior) says:

        You LOVE male penile insecurity, you love male insecurity do you? You’ve come to a blog of a man who suffers from great, crippling male insecurities (granted their not of the penile variety) and yet you have the fucking gall to profess benevolence all while laughing at the very real pain lower status men endure. If you can’t see the contradiction than nothing I, or anybody else, says can make you see yourself for what you are. Your hubris is impenetrable.

        By the way I’m sorry that I have accidentally commented in the threat under two different names, that was a mistake, completely unintentional.

  10. Mahoney (the key board warrior) says:

    Although I believe you are morally inadequate Sheila, I will admit that you are also morally superior to me, not that is saying a hell of a lot.

  11. EHF says:

    Your not alone Sheila, I just had to fight back the urge to issue another death threat (to her and her son) to this foolish woman who advocated abhorent, authoritarian action on the part of the state. She is a conservative, catholic woman who has never had sex out of wedlock. I thought I was resentful of you because you strike me as this typical empowered, feminist, laywer bitch, but there must be something more to it than that. Theres threats on every side.

  12. Jack says:

    “He was never able to love or trust anybody. That’s a place I’d like to get to, and I may yet.”

    Let’s focus on this. This is a great place to be. I would rather be single my entire life than consent to be involved with a person that doesn’t meet my dealbreakers. I simply refuse to date anyone that isn’t a good fit into my life.

    That seems so unfair as I am not a “10” myself? So how can I get away with this?

    Well, society has made it real easy for me. With sports and/or computer games being as popular as they are (something nearly all men love, and they don’t care if there are any women around to enjoy it with them), with so many home owners being single men, with so many men taking single vacations, with so many careers requiring travel (a career that caters to single men), it’s getting easier and easier for men like me to fill my time, fill my life, and to forsake this time- and money-consuming dating thing, until I find that acceptable creature that is willing to go out with me. Or not find her. It makes little difference; I was blessed with a feeble sex drive.
    Only what I want, nothing less. If it takes years, then it takes years. If it takes decades, then it takes decades. If it means I never date my whole life, then I’ll never date my whole life. With everything that society offers men better than mediocre women, why should I care?

    Sexist? Not at all! The same goes for women. With everything that society offers women better than mediocre men (like me), why should they care? I’d feel the same way if I were a woman.

  13. Sheila Tone says:

    This post was about R. Crumb. Omega Man is wrong: Crumb not only wasn’t not able to trust or love anyone, he did so with a successful, long-term marriage and family. Does no one here find that at all useful?

    Crazy dude who wants to kill my sons: At first I thought you were jealous of my attention to Omega Man, but now I realize it’s probably the other way around. You don’t like any woman paying attention to Omega Man, because he might pay attention back.

    And if Omega Man can empathize with a woman, it undercuts your efforts to keep him trapped in the crab bucket with the rest of you mindless haters.

    • Mahoney (the key board warrior) says:

      I am not crazy, nor am I a mindless hater. I just hate women that I believe take pleasure in causing people pain, I think your one of those people. GFO has had more success with women then I’ll ever have, I think he might more accurately be described as lower status beta even. Although I am jealous, it doesn’t mean I can’t be happy for him at the same time, which I am. I expect GFO to look down on me as something considerably lesser than himself on every level, and would disappointed if he didn’t.

      Its selfish to want to keep people down in the pit with all the other maggots, but look at things from my perspective. When you as lowly as I (socially, sexually, intellectually, emotionally) you develop this perception that you’re the lowest piece of shit on earth (which might not be a stretch as far as my case is concerned) it alleviates your pain to see somebody else in the same boat. You do GFO a great disservice by implying that he is somehow like me, he is vastly superior. You also do him a great disservice by actually thinking that attention from you somehow lifts his status

      I am not crazy, my sin is being severe immaturity, extreme social retardation, but maybe that’s as good as being crazy, I don’t know.

      Why do you think that I’m a mindless hater?

      • Tarnished says:

        Dear Mahoney-

        I realize this is an old post and thread, but I just found it through The Black Pill. If you’re still receiving comments from here, I’d like to take this opportunity to let you know one thing: You *are* a worthy man.

        You are not a maggot, a failure, a reject, or scum. You aren’t worth less than anyone else. You don’t have a lower status because you haven’t had relations with women, or because you’re socially inept. I think you have been hurt by the culture you/we live in, and have thought of yourself as being lesser for so long that you actually believe it.

        But I don’t. You are a fellow thinking, feeling human being with desires, goals, fears, and dreams, which means you have innate value. I believe you are a good man, and that it’s a true shame you haven’t experienced love or care from others. I hope this comment finds you in a better place, or at least state of mind. Thank you for existing, the world would be darker without your spark.

        -Tarnished Sophia

    • Mahoney (the key board warrior) says:

      Sheila its not the thought of GFO empathizing with a woman, just him empathizing with a woman like you. A woman who revels in male insecurity, who loves their pain, and issues thinly veiled insults. I know I am repeating myself but you never addressed my points. I was never jealous of any attention you give him because your not the kind of woman I’d want to interact with, but its an inevitable that any woman I threaten with violence becomes endeared to me. So now I am jealous, but that was not my original motivation for calling you out, somebody needed to challenge you, knock you off your perch, it just should have been somebody less impotent than me.

      • Nononsense says:

        Forget her, man. She’s (?) just trolling.

        I know how you feel. I felt the same for years. I had to change my perspective.

        Some advice if you want to take it: don’t base your worth on women and social standards that are meaningless to men like us. That’s where Sodini fucked up, aside from being batshit crazy.

        Just think about it: Robert Crumb, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, etc. did not get to where they are/were with mad social skills and big dicks. If not for us “weirdos” and “outcasts”, she (?) couldn’t even troll you like that!

  14. […] detail the massive numbers of women who destroy men’s lives with false rape charges.  Women who don’t care about penis size will tell men that they do as a form of psychological to…  The Duke “sex thesis” exposes details about men that most likely violate various […]

  15. Sheila Tone says:

    I hate you all. I’m NOT a mindless hater. I just hate you all that’s all. I don’t need a reason.

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