The Missing Parts Of Life

I like to think of myself as expounding at length on deep insights, but I have various things come to mind that don’t fit that, so I’ll just say what I have on my mind.

Ferdinand Bardimu linked to this segment from Blade Runner, in a rather offhand fashion, talking about the end of “Seasons Of Tumult And Discord”-

Everybody knows Blade Runner was inspired by the Philip K. Dick story “Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?” but few have actually read that story and understand how profoundly different from the movie it is. The movie completely drops the religion of Mercerism; the replicants are all bad, not sympathetic, and not very smart. In the story there is a bounty hunter named Resch who is unusually cold-blooded, and Dekker accuses him of being a replicant himself; Resch willingly submits to the test and passes. In the movie some see Dekker as really being a replicant; in an interview director Ridley Scott says that is the case, but I don’t see it.

I have always thought the story to be much better and morally profound than the film; and yet watching this clip I see it differently. Dekker is the protagonist, but the drama and conflict all come from super replicant Roy Baty, played by Rutger Hauer.

As we see in the clip, in addition to being physically powerful Baty is also highly intelligent. He is tortured by the realization his lifespan is very limited; his point of view is that his experience is unique and thus his life is valuable. And he is willing to do anything to stay alive.

In the end Baty realizes that while his experience is unique, it will also be lost and forgotten forever. This is the ultimate in mortality; people hope to have immortality of the soul, or to have their life continued through their children, or to be remembered somehow. Baty has lost hope of all of this; by deciding not to kill Dekker, he can affirm the precious value of life itself; I don’t think he believes he somehow continues to live through Dekker.

Tyrell encourages Baty to accept the limitations of his life and enjoy it for what it is, but while he can accept and let go, he is still filled with regret at the end.

On some fundamental level most men gauge their value on the kind of woman they can get. However rich or successful you might be, without a hot woman it’s all pretty hollow. For the typical beta guy, he has a typical woman and he can accept that. If you don’t have the kind of woman you want, but you have a woman, it’s not so bad.

If you relationships with women are seriously compromised- if you can’t get a woman at all- you may feel you have an unbearable defect to your life, something you must go to any lengths to repair. Roy Baty went back to his maker and asked for a fix, but was unable to get one. The truth is many people are handicapped in different ways, and some are handicapped in such a way, mentally or physically, through some combination of genetics and life circumstance, that establishing a relationship with a woman is very difficult.

You can’t go back to your maker and get a fix. Any number of “game” products and services are sold in the familiar tradition of American hucksterism promising to cure your problem, if not overnight, at least in a few months. I lack faith in these, but I have always been accused of negative thinking.

There is some balance between accepting your life for what it is and trying to improve it. When I figure out what that is I’ll let you know.


15 Responses to The Missing Parts Of Life

  1. Sheila Tone says:

    If you had to choose between having a lot of money and having a really hot woman, which would you choose? I think most men would prefer the money. Whether they admit it or not is another issue.

    When a man is young — say, under 30 — he gets his self-esteem from getting sex. As he gets older, it’s about what he’s got, and the power he’s got over other men.

    In my job, I see lots of losers who get good-looking women through the drug lifestyle. I do not think you would envy their lives.

  2. Sheila Tone says:

    I’ll reread the Dick story again; it’s been a long time, and I don’t remember picking up any of these insights.

    • Omega Man says:

      Please remember I’m refering mostly to the movie here, which is completely different from the book. In the book, empathy, as taught by the religion of Mercerism, is the highest value; the androids are evil because they are incapable of empathy.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sheila – what is that attracks the women. The drugs, the lifestyle or some character flaw?

    • Sheila Tone says:

      The drugs, and the fact both are losers. There are a lot of worse problems than being unattractive.

      Guys do it too, go with screwed up older women with kids because she lets them crash at her apartment and take drugs.

  4. Clarence says:

    That second Blade Runner clip nearly caused me to cry.

    Thank you for such a powerful clip.

    Really makes you wonder what it is all about, doesn’t it?

  5. Jay Fink says:

    For the guys who can’t get women they should consider platonic LJBF relationships. I know this is looked down on and strongly taboo in the PUA subculture. But I look back fondly at the times I spent with women who put me in the friend zone.

    Yes it was frustrating when they date other guys (and then complain to you about how men are such jerks). Yes it’s painful to get the “I just have friendship feelings for you and nothing more” speech. But it’s all worth it to spend time with women, good looking women who you are attracted to. In mnay ways being with LJBF hot girls was more fulfilling to me than being in real relationships with OK girls I was not really into. Omega males make the best platonic friends for women because they can trust us. They appreciate our good qualities as long as it’s in the context of friends only.

    • EHF says:

      With a great, crippling sense of shame I’ll admit to you that I am a fellow omega who has considered going that route. But heres the thing, what if your so omega (like me) that getting in a LJBF with a reasonably attractive women is still above your game? I am a man that so repulses women that I couldn’t even manage to get a LJBF even if I was willing throw away whatever little shred of dignity I have.

  6. […] Omega Man – “The Missing Parts of Life” […]

  7. Earl Kapush says:

    Check out this brilliant halfsigmaite comparison of nerds and monks-

    None of this has to do with smarts, creativity, an academic career, etc. — just look at how impressive and dignified the geniuses of the past were. Nerds are just another victim of the erosion of good values that’s hit the culture more broadly.

    So we’d have been memorizing the names of all those guys in the second book of the Iliad instead of who played each of the Doctors? Has a little more grandeur to it, I have to admit.

    But I’m not sure how much more dignified all these guys were…remember biographies were much more hagiographic back then. I’m sure Isaac Newton was a personally unpleasant fellow, and Beethoven was a jerk from what I remember. Hundreds of years later people only remember the work.

    As for dressing like slobs, I strongly suspect the simplicity of monastic rule appealed in more ways than one. Put no effort into dressing, spend all your time studying books and never talking to anyone (especially women)…yeah, I’m sure no nerds became monks. The abbot Trithemius’s great book of secrets turned out to be a joke, all written in code and saying things like “Don’t look too hard for hidden secrets.” Self-referential nerd humor, hundreds of years ago.

  8. Sheila Tone says:

    So you inspired me to fish around for our old copy of the book. Couldn’t find it, but thank goodness for Kindle.

    That was pretty cool, where they could dial up whatever mood they wanted. It made me think of you and your obsession with dominance. Would you use the Penfield? Or would you gain contrarian satisfaction from brooding while it gathered dust?

    ” …”I’ll dial for both of us,” Rick said, and led her back into the bedroom. There, at her console, he dialed 594: pleased acknowledgment of her husband’s superior wisdom in all matters. …”

    Would that solve your problems? What would you do, once she was in 594 mode? Because then it would all be up to you.

  9. raedawn says:

    this movie had almost no women in it.

  10. In a monogamous society it is rare for a man to have a defect so profound that he cannot find a mate. In such a society lesser beta and omega men find women of equally low sexual market value and pair off. In today’s culture of serial monogamy and hook ups, the omega males are completely unwanted. Low smv women can hook up with lesser alpha and beta men. These women are only letting themselves be used as “pump and dump” material, but they seem to find this preferable to a relationship with an omega male. Can a man be of such low value that he is beyond redemption? Not according to my religion, but I’m not here to preach. Even today’s churches seem to find little use for low smv males. The monastery once provided an honorable calling for men who did not ever marry, but this option is not as highly esteemed today. You may not be able to ask the creator for a repair, but prayer is an option for those so inclined.

  11. R.Sole says:

    Great post, Omega, I also preferred the book, but I think the film has good elements that the book doesn’t (which is rare for a film of an interesting book). Your two posted clips are amongst them.

    Regarding the balance between acceptance and trying to change, why not do both? Put 100% effort into improving and changing your situation, and accept 100% of the consequences of doing so. You cannot control the outcome in any way other than by making maximum effort, so once you *do* make maximum effort, your control over anything else is zero – so it becomes irrational to worry about it. Cease caring about outcomes, only care (but care a lot) about your own inputs. If you are making 100% effort on inputs, then your job is done, and accept that life and chance will control the rest.

  12. Candice says:

    Jay Fink and EHF – friends are forever, marriages not. You also don’t have to worry about divorce settlements! I’ve got male friends that have been with me for over 30 years and I don’t think any of us are losers. My 30 April post alludes to the importance of these friendships.

    There are many aspects to a married life, and with friends you can experience many of them without the high risk of marriage or without having to accomplish that very difficult task of finding and marrying a partner. For example, we cook together, enjoy walks and help each other through challenging times. When we need space we simply don’t need to see each other!

    To conclude, I’m a girl, I don’t have difficulty finding dates, but I treasure my male friends who I am sure are quite like some of the nice men who post comments on this blog. 🙂 C

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