Workplace Domination

My boss is basically just a steaming POS who stumbled into the business (which was set up by a friend) and is in general an all-around appalling human being. I put up with his shit as I have to and call his shit when I need to. I was pretty sure a couple of weeks ago I was getting fired (or whatever they do when you’re an independent contractor.)

That didn’t happen, although another guy seems to have been partially trained. He might be replacing, or possibly replacing, the other guy, but when I brought the subject up it was ignored, which made me think he is intended to replace me. I believe he is lacking the final event which would allow him to step in, and when this happens I guess I will know what the deal is. I was looking forward to being able to go home and relax, but for now I still need to deal with the scumbag.

From a legal and professional standpoint, he works for me, but I tend to humor him as much as I feel comfortable and only assert my authority when I really need to. I learned pretty early on he likes to talk shit and bait me and I just ignore that. I think he is accustomed to dealing with sniveling yes-men though and I was wondering why he hasn’t just fired me earlier.

My latest blow was he told me yesterday he wasn’t going to pay me some money he was supposed to start paying me now. He said he would later but didn’t say when. This is a very sleazy business and this happens all the time, it’s happened to me before, but it’s still pretty crappy and in your face.

It occurred to me that while I occasionally stand up for myself, on the whole he can be a dick and I put up with it, and he enjoys it and he enjoys my discomfiture. As much as I hate the guy I don’t want my emotions to get in the way. Jobs are very hard to come by these days and if I quit or get fired it could be a year before I get another one. I spent 2009 unemployed and I can’t repeat that. I want to keep working, and making money, and get the money he owes me, and leave when I get a better job. On the other hand I have to find a way to keep him from sucking the life out of me.

One thing I’m going to do is check him more often. Last week I let him perform a certain function the other guy lets him do, but I have never wanted to relinquish. In the spirit of cooperation after he didn’t fire me I let him do it, which is a big deal to him as much as he was pretending it wasn’t. But yesterday I didn’t. Screw him. Goodwill is a two-way street.

The weak underbelly of anybody is their ego. I’m going to have to attack his false image of himself as a professional, which he most definitely is not. Other than that it’s “Fuck you asshole. I’ll put up with your shit for money but I’m not pretending I’m your friend or pretending you know what you’re doing.”

3 Responses to Workplace Domination

  1. Sheila Tone says:

    Your boss sure seems to have a lot of control over you considering he calls you an “independent contractor.” Sounds like a scam to avoid the labor code.

    I really feel for you. I’ve been there, having to show up every day when I knew something crappy was going to happen, just not exactly how or when.

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