Blogging For A Better World

Here’s a guy talking about how the internet opens up new opportunities for what we do with our time-

Like I have said, I do this more to vent, or to make sense of things in my own mind than for my vast readership but I hope at least a few guys who have had problems similar to mine might get some help from it.

Solidarity is very important to people. It is very important to know you are not alone. I think the game schools have benefited participants by making them part of a group sharing and learning rather than individuals struggling on their own.

One Response to Blogging For A Better World

  1. Sheila Tone says:

    Well, the game schools charge a lot for the privilege. But the game blogs are free. Maybe this is a way for men to seek support from each other, without admitting they’re doing it. Because god forbid a man admit he just wants to talk with other people about his life.

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