Twilight Horror

I was checking out “casual encounters” on craigslist, more for amusement than anything else- I have found a horny slut on there before, although it didn’t work out too well. Here is what I found. This is not the Twilight Zone, it’s the “Twilight” Zone, or America in the 21st century.

(Begin craigslist ad- copied and pasted verbatim, location removed)

Twi-mom in open realtionship seeks younger(18-25) for NSA (BBW) – w4m – 38

Whew! Alot to put into a title-but I wanted to be upfront with everything. I am a size 22 BBW married woman, and with my husband consent and amusement, am posting this on hopes of finding a younger man to indulge a fantasy of mine (the younger man!); even though he’s not here and on business, I’d prefer if you could host. This is a first time-although I”ve thought about it several times; I’ve just gotten outrageously horny with the Twilight movies (apparently I’m in good company-alot of the other mom’s are lusting after teenagers/younger men too 🙂 and thought I’d just go for it. Today would be ideal, since later this afternoon, I’ll be going to [edit- movie theater] at [edit- middle-class suburban location] to see the new movie (whoo-hoo! no kids, and drinks!) Details: I’m 38, size 22, 38G, a nice booty, but regretably a belly (I just want to be upfront), and I have dark hair;All this has to be STRICTLY SEXUAL-nothing resembling a date. I don’t mind getting to know you/warming up with some wine or beer, but that’s the extent of socializing. Got to run some errands now, hope to hookup soon ! Oh, and location..anywhere from [edit- location of deranged whore and desired range of location of fantasy man]

(End of craigslist ad)

Photo posted with craigslist ad-

Mentally deranged whore, or "Twi-mom"

There is a lot that could be said about this, but what does this mean for the low status male? This woman is married and has kids. Her husband is probably a low status male of some degree. There is no reason they should not be happy. She seems to lead a nice, lower-middle class suburban existence. He has a rather overweight, but otherwise decent-looking woman. She is not obese or gross. She should be enjoying her husband, her children, and her relative good fortune.

But for some reason she is pursuing adultery which can only destroy everything. She says her husband consents- but why? Only because he isn’t strong enough to stop her. If he could, he would, but he probably knows he can’t, and she’ll do it anyway, so he goes along with it. He maybe afraid she’ll initiate a divorce and destroy the family, but that will probably happen in a few years anyway. If she is unable to control her sexual desires and unable to distinguish between fantasy and reality this won’t be the last time. She’ll develop a taste for casual sex and get rid of her husband, whether he is tolerant of her adultery or not.

The lesson is if you can’t control a woman, you can’t have a relationship with her, and certainly not marriage. You can criticize this woman and the culture all you want, but from the standpoint of the man he is unable to prevent her from openly committing adultery.

I am coming to the realization that I can’t control women and no relationship will ever work until I can. All women, as far as I can tell, engage in bad behavior and if you can’t nip it in the bud things rapidly spin out of control.


7 Responses to Twilight Horror

  1. The Sensei says:

    HA! Words fail.

    Actually, what’s most depressing is that this nutty broad probably received over a hundred responses if she lives in a decent sized metro area.

    Btw, I don’t think you’re as “omega” as you make yourself out to be; at least not from your writing.

    Keep it coming, man.

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  3. anon says:

    Her husband might be a cuckolding fetishist.

  4. Actually, what’s most depressing is that this nutty broad probably received over a hundred responses if she lives in a decent sized metro area.

    Yes and that’s what really disturbing about this. One of my first thoughts after reading this was that when I was between 18-25 I should have searched for an opportunity like this. I suspect that one reason that she will get hundreds of responses is young men who are desperate for social proof.

  5. Minimac says:

    yeah desperate housewife and her pimpled hopeless admirers
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  6. Candice says:

    Of course we don’t know the people in the ad, so cannot judge. I think its a little sad however that the couple can’t indulge in a little fantasy and leverage the theme of the movie to brighten up their own sex life!

    I am also a little disturbed that older women are lusting after teenagers …. personally I see young people as the children or grandchildren I did not have and respect and care for them as the future of our community and the world.

    ANYWAY – you write “I am coming to the realization that I can’t control women and no relationship will ever work until I can.” Perhaps better put “I am coming to the realisation that I will not be able to have a working relationship until I can set my boundaries and ensure they are respected”.

    Sadly it is important to be able to monitor and influence the behaviour of others to the extent they affect oneself – I always thought people should control themselves – but then I have a strong internal locus of control and my role models were strong pioneer types that lived fairly solitary lives controlling their own behaviour!

    Thank you for sharing your insights … I rarely read ads from women so it is of interest to see what is happening.

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