More On “The Dog Whisperer”

Ferdinand Bardimu has a guest poster who talks about the Cesar Milan philosophy as it applies to relationships-

This is pretty comprehensive and explains most of what you would need to do to apply this. The fundamental question is existential- what kind of a relationship do y0u want to have with a woman? Do you want to be in control, or do you want to cross your fingers and hope for the best?


5 Responses to More On “The Dog Whisperer”

  1. Sheila Tone says:

    So you’re looking to the Bible for advice now?

    Jesus Christ.

  2. The woman who made the original post on her blog, which I just looked at, has a Christian orientation. But to answer your question no, the subject refered to is the dog training methods of Cesar Milan, and while I can claim no deep familiarity with them, I do not believe they have a Biblical basis.

    I’m starting to feel like this is “The Flight Of The Conchords” and I have this one fan who always shows up.

  3. haterade says:

    Apparently Sheila didn’t bother to read the article, no doubt because she found it more fitting to grasp the easiest club to beat you with — even if it entirely misses the point.

    Says more about her than you, but…we already knew that right?

  4. Sheila Tone says:

    Yes, GFO, it looks like I’m you’re first groupie.

    I’m familiar with the Dog Whisperer. I was referring to the very religious bent of the woman who wrote the post. Do you really think she’d have those views absent her strong Biblical orientation?

    Think of the woman you’re looking for. More like me, or more like her? I don’t think that attitude will go over well with the kind of woman you’re after.

  5. Sheila Tone says:

    Oops, can you switch “you’re” to “”your” at line 1? Inexcusable sloppiness, I apologize.

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