The Dual Nature Of Game

Roosh talks about hearing “no” while making out and moving to intercourse-

My comment was-

“When you think about it the female mind must be severely divided. For the species to continue the female must at some point submit, while naked, to a larger, stronger person getting on top of her, or placing her in some other helpless position and inserting a body part inside her.

On the other hand this can’t happen too easily. While some part of the brain is programmed to ensure this happens under the right circumstances, much of the rest of the brain is programmed to prevent it. I don’t think there is any switch that moves her from “resist penetration” to “submit to penetration” so both parts could be working at the same time.

So it seems to me game is simultaneously disarming the resist part of the brain and activating the submit part of the brain.”

Kind of fucked up, right? A large, smelly, hairy thing is going to take off your clothes, take of his clothes, get on top of you, spread your legs apart, and put a part of his body inside you, inside a very sensitive and delicate part of your body. And then leave some bodily fluid inside you, which could start the growth of something…..

There is a biological program for making this happen. There is also a social program for making this happen, because it needs to happen. But it can’t happen too easily, or under the wrong circumstances. All creatures have a natural fear and resistance to being controlled and constrained; I think women probably have a natural and biological fear of sexual submission and penetration. This is the biological program for preventing it from happening, and there is a social program as well- the male is evaluated for acceptability.

I suspect managing this conflict explains much of the weirdness of female behavior and psychology, but it is far better to understand and work with than lament.

So if you are trying to get a woman to have sex with you (or be your girlfriend or wife which includes having sex with you, there are actually four things you need to do-

-Overcome the social resistance program.

-Overcome the biological resistance program.

-Activate the social submission program.

-Activate the biological submission program.

These don’t necessarily happen in a specific order- what Roissy calls “gina tingles” can happen right away. (I have heard my sister use the term “involuntarily attracted” which may mean the same thing.) Nor do they all have to happen completely, only to the degree net resistance is overcome.

In fact, I believe many women get a special thrill from the conflict where the submission programs are strongly activated but the resistance programs are only weakly disarmed. This is what’s called being a “bad boy” or a “player.”

This may be why game promoters tend to focus on activating submission rather than disarming resistance. A super player may even be able to increase resistance if he is pushing the submission buttons hard enough.

My feeling is a low-status male needs to worry more about disarming resistance; but that may be based on my general fear and dislike of social interaction so I may be wrong.

Update- The Spearhead has a post that mentions this-

Note the line “The most successful PUAs are the ones that can manage that fine line between thrill and fear.”

6 Responses to The Dual Nature Of Game

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  2. Sheila Tone says:

    I should have commented before I read Roosh’s thing. I feel pretty horrible after reading that. I didn’t even get to the comments.

  3. Sheila Tone says:

    I really am trying to understand your analysis, but it makes my head hurt. It sounds like something Spock or Data would think up.

    It was the end of Roosh’s post that was the horrible part, I guess. The “policy” angle. I can think of many legitimate reasons for asking someone not to go all the way, even if you’ve gone part of the way. I used to think Roosh was a funny guy, but now I’m not so sure.

    But he’s probably right that if a woman wants you to stop, it seems she’d say stuff like “Stop,” rather than just moaning “No, no.” More like, “Hey, stop,” or “wait,” or “Cut that out.” That’s what I’d say.

    If you want a guy to get physically passionate, putting up some minor physical resistance is probably the best, maybe only, way to do it. I don’t know why physical passion should be more enjoyable than him being lukewarm, or even just lying there like a lump on a log, but there it is.

    Most women would try to advertise their desire for physical passion more clearly, because most men who hear no would quite justifiably stop and ask “Huh? What’s the matter?” But who knows about the chicks who go for guys like Roosh.

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  5. ollol ooper says:

    This is a specific subset of the general topic of strands of conscious and unconscious interwoven together.

    Different ingrained biological programs (the social ones are biological too, at this point)… sometimes in conflict.

    I wonder if we, introverted autistic-like males, have truth-awareness and the consistency that goes with it out of having some parts of the brain more developed… or, to the contrary, not functioning.

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