Your Baseline Attitude

Back in the day I would tell people I had been in the Marines and they would say, “Did you see ‘Full Metal Jacket?'” I thought and still think the movie was fundamentally intended as an anti-war piece of shit but it had some good aspects. I found myself watching the beginning involuntarily in a lounge and laughing hysterically. I told the other guy there “I had no idea this was a comedy.” When it’s happening to you it’s not funny, when it’s happening to somebody else it’s hilarious.

I found this quote from Private Joker in my meanderings-

“My thoughts drift back to erect nipple wet dreams about Mary Jane Rottencrotch and the Great Homecoming Fuck Fantasy. I am so happy that I am alive, in one piece and short. I’m in a world of shit… yes. But I am alive. And I am not afraid.”

You are in a world of shit. But you are alive. You may be afraid, but that is just further proof you are alive, as the dead know no fear. And as Gavin DeBecker pointed out, if you’re afraid of something, that means it hasn’t happened yet.

3 Responses to Your Baseline Attitude

  1. Alkibiades says:

    Dude, read the book, way better than the movie. “The Short-Timers” by Gustav Hasford. It’s a quick read. And you’re right, it is anti-war.

  2. Sheila Tone says:

    “Back in the day I would tell people I had been in the Marines and they would say, “Did you see ‘Full Metal Jacket?’”

    That doesn’t happen to any other Marines I know of. You must somehow hang around a lot of people who don’t know any other military people.

    Of course, I don’t know any Marine who’d describe himself as an omega male, either. Even if you explained to him what it meant, which you’d have to do.

  3. Sheila Tone says:

    You know what movie my dad thinks of when he thinks of ex-Marines, is “Taxi Driver.” Even though it’s not really clear whether Travis Bickle was really ever a Marine, or just a crazy guy obsessed with the military. What do you think? Did Travis remind you of a real Marine?

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