Less Opportunity, More Ambition?

Things change all the time, and not necessarily in the way you expect them to. That’s true of any time period.

The culture of “game” comes in a time of fewer jobs at lower pay for most people, which has been true since the 80’s. Adolescence and dependence on parents extends much later in life. People get married later, wait longer to have children, and have fewer. These are widespread social trends that are well-noted.

In post World War II America- and I suppose in Europe as well- marriage was the norm for most people. A typical guy would get married a few years after achieving economic independence, which would occur close to the end of formal education, whenever that was. This wasn’t always the case- marriage in England was for centuries limited to those who could afford it, which might be never, or might be when you were 40.

The idea of spending a long period in your life with a variety of lovers, only getting married when you have found close to the ideal, seems to date to the 70’s, with going to the big city, pursuing a career in some glamour field and making it big. People have been going to the bg city for centuries, but the free love aspect dates to the pill and abortion.

As Ferdinand Bardimu notes, pursuing a lot of partners works only in limited locations and conditions-


He is right that this comes from game gurus learning the game late in the big city. However the culture of the big city becomes the culture in general because that’s where magazines, TV and movies come from.

My belief is that the economy and society are to some extent returning to norm of centuries past, where marriage is limited due to peoples’ economic circumstances. Steve Sailer calls this “affordable family formation”- where housing is cheap, that is not the big cities, people get married earlier and have more kids. This assumes though that a good job is available in Dallas, which it may not be. Industrialization created a wave of wealth that gave many people better lives- it still does but now in Asia, not North America or Europe.

How this is different from times past is because of antibiotics, birth control, and abortion people can have sex without permanent consequences. However as Roissy will remind us, that means many women but fewer men. The social welfare system and the large number of jobs for women in government and quasi-government institutions like health care mean single women can have families, something that wasn’t socially acceptable or economically feasible before.

Men then are lacking more and more the ability to get married, and women are gaining more and more incentive not to. What the media hypes as “freedom” is freedom for women and loss of opportunity for men. I don’t think that women are all that happy about this freedom, not all of them anyway.

Industrialization and the family wage temporarily created a system where an omega became a beta and a beta became an alpha. That’s largely gone now.

One of my hard-learned, too late wise too soon old lessons is that you need to MAKE MONEY. I’m not kidding. You need to stay steadily employed at the profession that will make you the most money. The pie in general is shrinking, but that says nothing about your individual slice. The government and military are not to be sneezed at for careers, although with significant government cutbacks inevitable that won’t be as true in the future as in the past.

Game signals a kind of step backward for society- but Roissy already said that. All we can do is adapt ourselves to the circumstances.


4 Responses to Less Opportunity, More Ambition?

  1. Sheila Tone says:

    I thought this blog was called “GAME for Omegas.” When did it change to “Cultural Navel-gazing for Omegas?” There are already a gazillion blogs around here that follow the template of whine-about-feminism, name-check-old-man-Roissy-to-make-whiny-point. Where’s the Game?

    Musing about “Post World War II America …” will not get you laid. There’s a weekend coming up and I demand some effort. Hmmm …don’t you have any former Marine buddies you can call to wing you?

  2. Niko says:

    Great post.

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