Dual Movie Review- “The Hangover” and “The A-Team”

I had been meaning to see “The Hangover” for a long time and finally got a chance to rent the DVD about a month ago. I saw “The A-Team” last night.

They have certain similarities- comedy and comedy-action, Bradley Cooper is in both- but the most important is they involve groups of guys- from the smooth and macho to the seriously goofy- who come together on a mission.

The action on the A-Tem TV show was often noted for being pretty ridiculous- thousands of shots fired with no injuries- but as has been pointed out it wasn’t about the action, it was about the comedy, and the personalities. One thing the TV show did was give Murdock little set pieces by himself, which the movie never gives him. One thing the movie continues is B.A.’s frequent annoyance with Murdock- something realistic, as the most individually alpha guy would have trouble with the most individually omega guy- but in the movie Murdock pacifies B.A. with cooking, which is a nice touch and also realistic. The omega needs to bring skills to the table- like how in “The Hangover” Alan (the goofball) saves the day with his card-counting.

I think these movies represent the need men have to work together, across personality types and levels of dominance. Is this more fantasy than reality? The fact that it’s a movie suggests so. There hasn’t been a widespread spirit of social cooperation in decades. That isn’t to say it’s totally dead- make yourself useful to those who can be useful to you. Be dignified, be a team player. The real responsibility lays with those more powerful than you but give them the choice of forming a team and maybe they’ll do it.

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