Wait- It Gets Worse

The Atlantic looks at a world where men are becoming less and less relevant


I hate the Atlantic. It represents the kind of elitist liberalism that makes life miserable for the unchosen, such as me and my audience. A key point to remember about this is it shows not the rise of women, but the rise of alpha males and their fawning harems. The author notes with puzzlement the few women at the very top- duh, those jobs are now held and always will be by alpha males. Women are pushing out beta males, becoming single mothers- Roissy would have a field day with this, but the sociopolitical angle is never my first interest.

For me, and you the omega or low-status male reader, the question is how do we get by in this sick world? As ever you must be the lone wolf independent contractor. Your relationship with your job, your boss and your coworkers can’t be one of being part of a family or a social group, because in such a relationship you are powerless and dependent.

Ideally- I’m repeating myself but this is important- you can go someplace else tomorrow and do the exact same job without missing a beat. How you do this would depend on your profession. If you’re a mechanic, what kind of certifications do you need? If you had the ASE or whatever, would it make it easier to walk into another shop tomorrow and start working? Same thing with IT or whatever. If you’re in some kind of programming maybe you need a relationship with a body shop.

The danger I see here is that a woman is worse to deal with than a man. A lot of women just hate omega males. Men mostly go to work with the idea of getting a job done, and things can get hairy but are usually not gratuitous. (Unless you work in a profession, like mine, where the lower ranks are filled with alcoholic scumbags. But that’s another story.)

In any case be extra careful when you deal with a woman or a lot of women.

3 Responses to Wait- It Gets Worse

  1. Sheila Tone says:

    So what do you think is left for most women? Single motherhood and a welfare check?

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