Born To Be Wild

I recently rented a motorcycle and took a road trip, something I have been wanting to do a long time. It was great and I enjoyed myself immensely, once I got a handle on the beast-

It’s an amazing machine- smooth and comfortable on the freeway, nimble in the twisties, incredibly powerful anytime you open the throttle. Of course considering how much the damn thing costs it should be an incredible machine. My one real criticism is the seat- my butt was pretty sore after two days, and a machine like this you should be able to ride all day for a week.

My lesser criticism is the size- at over 500 pounds it’s a pain at low speeds. I wouldn’t want one for daily city driving because parking and handling at low speeds is a bit nerve-wracking. Great for long trips in the backcountry- it makes the dullest drive an adventure- but I would not call it versatile.

The company is Eagle Rider-– and as the name implies they mainly rent Harleys but they have other models as well, although availability seems to be quite limited.


5 Responses to Born To Be Wild

  1. Bob Smith says:

    I wish I was tall enough to ride a BMW. They’re tall bikes, I can’t reach the ground.

  2. I’m tall and my feet don’t reach the ground that easily- my legs are close to fully extended. One advantage of a Harley or other cruiser must be even though they are very heavy, you’re sitting lower so your legs are bent with your feet on the ground and you can exercise some muscle leverage if you need to. Harley riders have this weird habit of dragging their feet but with something that heavy the fear of dropping it must be strong. I looked it up and even a Sportster is 650 pounds. Good Lord. This bike isn’t that heavy after all.

  3. M. says:

    Try anti-depressants. Some of them actually alleviate social anxiety. Trazadone and Prozac for example.

  4. M. says:

    Whoops, wrong thread. That was for the “talking” thread.

  5. James says:

    Awesome. I’ve wanted to try out a BMW 1150 GS for years. I didn’t know about this company; now I MUST ride one for a couple of days.

    Nice find.

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