Anxiety And Me

I have been wanting to work on the game exercises but they mostly involve talking to people, which I really don’t like.

A couple years ago I was in a new age bookstore looking for something on transcendental meditation when I ran across a book titled “Healing Trauma” by Peter A. Levine. The thesis is trauma locks up feelings in the body that must be released. I did some of the exercises but it didn’t seem useful so I set it aside.

I was getting a course of Rolfing- on the theory it might help unlock mental anguish locked in muscle tension- and the Rolfer brought up this book, or this author, not by name but it was him she was talking about. As an aside there was a man named Wilhelm Reich who had a theory about “body armor”- that is how this came up with the Rolfer. He believed that people locked up tension in their bodies, and then when they got involved in a romantic relationship after a few weeks it starts to release. This causes discomfort and a vague feeling something is wrong, which is attributed to the new romantic partner, leading to problems or the end of the relationship. Reich had some other theories that are regarded as pretty crackpot but I think he was on to something here.

I was in a used bookstore the other day and saw another book by Levine, so I bought it. I went further into the exercises where it gets more into body feelings. I realized how much anxiety I have, all the time. A great deal of my time and energy goes to managing the anxiety. All the activities I enjoy are things that produce strong body sensations, which provide a relief from anxiety.

The way I deal with anxiety in social interactions is to try to script them closely in advance. This obviously presents problems for meeting new people so I’m going to work on the anxiety a bit more.

(Note- “anxiety” may be taken as a psychiatric or psychological diagnosis, but I use it here in the more casual sense, of “shyness”, “unhappiness” or “discomfort.” Nothing wrong with this guy!)


9 Responses to Anxiety And Me

  1. Sheila Tone says:

    LOL, there’s no such thing as Silent Game. Game or no game, the sex is going to cost you a lot of talk.

    This “rolfing” thing sounds pretty “out there.” You might want to check out some of the “adult child of alcoholics” lit out there if you haven’t done so already. Since therapy would just involve more talking.

  2. rolf lundgren says:

    Rolfing is not out there. invented by a woman, by the way.

  3. rolf lundgren says:

    my point exactly, Sheila.

  4. Vincent Ignatius says:

    Just start talking to people. It will be awkward at first, but once you build up the experience, you won’t need to script things in advance. It’s like learning how to drive a car.

  5. Caleb says:

    Hey Omega,

    If you really want to try and release mental anguish find a good Jin Shin Jyutsu practioneer.

    It’s a type of Japanese acupressure which I personally use, both for self treatment and in my massage practice, and I’ve seen it first hand make grown men break down in tears.

    There’s a lot of new age nonsense that accrues around this stuff, but there is an underlying core of truth. Email me and we’ll talk about it more. Good luck on your hard road to self improvement.

  6. Malik says:

    Like yourself I have some social anxiety but I don’t know if is to the same extent.

    One thing I have thought about trying are meet up groups of people with social anxiety. There is a website that serves as a social networking site for people trying to meet offline. Just one of the categories are people with anxiety issues.

    I haven’t done it yet or even explored it in detail, but I think like anything else there is no magi solution, change is blood sweat and tears. I’ve lately been watching the show on A&E called “Obsession” which features people with OCD issues. The way they are overcome time after time is simply to face the issue head on (albeit on the show it is done gradually and with the help of a therapist).

    For me the motivation for increased social skills more for practical reasons. Once I (finally) graduate college I know it is something that I will to be successful in pursuit of a job and increased pay. I have long given up on the active pursuit of women and believe you should think hard about doing the same. (I saw your entry about the chick on Cragslist you met. If casual sex is not that great anyway, why not just keep to the jerking off? Doesn’t it serve the same purpose?)

    You clearly have a brilliant mind, yet women obviously don’t seem to appreciate it much. Women are generally shallow creatures (just look at what they read) and most alphas are even more shallow, hence the attraction. (Actually from that standpoint this blog is counterproductive to what you are trying to achieve, since most alphas are not prone to much self reflection and in-depth analysis, you’d almost be better off in denial.)

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