Update To “Why Did I Get Married?”

A site which addresses my exact questions is “Married Man Sex Life” which I have added to the blogroll.

The widely held concept of “never get married” is the easy and obvious answer to this problem but I don’t think it is workable for most guys. Most want to enjoy the benefits of family life, but while avoiding the traps. Game is definitely necessary in relationships; and in marriage most of all, as bailing out is very expensive, difficult and traumatic.

I picked up the current copy of “Esquire”- no I’m not a fag, it has Christine Hendricks on the cover, but regrettably only one picture inside. In the interview she talks about what you need to do to get laid when married, which she assures us breezily is the same as getting laid when single. The whole point of getting married is to get laid easier, in return for sacrificing freedom and acquiring large and open-ended obligations. So if it’s not any easier, why get married? It’s pretty creepy if you ask me.


3 Responses to Update To “Why Did I Get Married?”

  1. Bob Smith says:

    So if it’s not any easier, why get married?

    You forgot the salient point: she’s female, a very attractive one to boot. Anything she says about the ease of getting laid has no relevance to a man. Moreover, how easy it is for her (likely zero effort) says nothing about how difficult she makes it for her husband. Take two women, one of whom makes it easy for her husband and one who makes it difficult, and both will say getting laid is easy. And it is, for them.

  2. lonewolfenstein says:

    Good lord. Unfortunately advice from this individual is inadmissible:

    I am still not married. I notice my parents worrying. fuck it. I have a lot of traveling to do and fun to have. I spent 8 yrs with only 2 girlfriends. lots to make up for.

  3. Free Man says:

    I read that article and it gave me the chills. Basically it says that if you get married, you have the same chance of getting laid (with your wife) that you would if you were single. Of course, you have now written off all other women and given up most of your assets.

    This is the worst deal in the world.

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