A Foray Into Pop Culture

Talking about the culture is usually a waste of time but I would like to comment on something that is directly relevant to omegas.

I saw “Iron Man 2” over the weekend. The first was great, this one just OK. There is a blogger who goes by Whiskey (now added to the blogroll) who comments on movies a lot(although he posts infrequently) and the way they portray men. Tony Stark is obviously a fantasy character, and that’s cool. Col. Rhodes is not a well-developed character; they don’t tell you much about him or why he and Stark are friends.

The meaningful characters are Tony Stark, Pepper Potts and Natalie Rushman; or, alpha male and his subordinate women. The others are all men, and all portrayed pretty negatively. The driver, Harry Hogan, is a buffoon who gets beat up by a skinny girl. Justin Hammer is an annoying nerd who wishes he was Tony Stark. Anton Vanko is as smart as Tony Stark and much tougher but his legitimate beef with Stark is brushed off; he is supposed to accept his loser status and Howard Stark’s injustice to his father without question.

I was flying on American this week and they were showing a movie that turns out to be called “When In Rome”- I wasn’t paying that much attention. The clear message, even glancing up occasionally without sound, was that the female protagonist is surrounded by one hot guy and a crew of weird nerds. They were also showing “30 Rock”, a show I have only seen occasional bits of on TV. The concept of “30 Rock” is basically that Liz Lemon is surrounded by crazy people; it’s either borrowed from Bob Newhart or an older comic concept, I’m not sure which. The crazies include a woman and a couple alpha males, but the geek-nerd writer guys seem to get the harshest portrayal.

What I see here is a world pretty sharply divided between a few men who are attractive and worthy and many who are goofy and ridiculous, non-threatening and maybe entertaining if they know their place, repellent if they don’t. If you have low status it is very easy to get pegged into the second group.

This is where you have to cultivate the image of “independent lone wolf” rather than “goofy subordinate.” Calm, dignified behavior, conservative dress, and physical fitness are all parts of this.

2 Responses to A Foray Into Pop Culture

  1. Henry Jones says:

    It would be good of you to go into great detail about how to create this lone wolf image. For most of my life I’ve been the clownish, werido loser type that existed to make everybody else laugh, this was excepted by the men, the women were still repelled. These days I’m truly on the sidelines conforming to neither end of the spectrum.

  2. Sheila Tone says:

    What *I* see here is a show with lots of roles for men, and very few for women. (Dude, how come I can’t cut and paste from the post?)

    At least the unattractive, goofball males get to exist.

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