This Is Why I Love The Onion,17223/

Yeah I have not posted in a while. Between the ongoing war with my boss and my back of the clock schedule in a remote place I don’t do much but eat, sleep, wait for the phone to ring and websurf. I need to exercise and do productive things, I swear I will start today.

The Onion seems to hit this vein of reality humor that I never see anyplace else. But as for the piece, why do people, or more specifically men, stay in relationships like this? I know why women do- they gain a sense of moral superiority from torturing men. Or, relationship drama is an end in and of itself for women. My personal flash of insight was I assume relationships are supposed to be negative and painful.

You have to be willing to be alone. That takes a lot of courage, because despite the standard female personal ad line “I’m happy and have a great life and I don’t need anybody but I would like to have a perfect man” people are not designed to be alone and even negative relationships meet that need. But if it’s sucking it’s not going to get better.


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