Are All Women Evil?

Virgin At 50 (see blogroll) has been having a hard time of it recently.

When you’re not very experienced, or having a dry spell, female behavior can be infuriating, inexplicable, insensitive and even sadistic. It is indeed often all of these things, and one is often ready to give up.

To answer my own question, no, not all women are evil. Or, to be more precise, all women are at least a little evil; but not all so as to make them not worth the effort.

Game is simply a systemization of dominant, high-status behaviors that all women respond positively to. What level of game a woman will demand to see will vary. Frankly, game is bullshit. The degree of social dominance and status you actually have and what you display via game are two totally different things- one is real, one is an illusion.

A woman who wants to see a high level of game has a high preference for fantasy and interpersonal drama over reality and interpersonal peace. A woman who has a low preference for game values reality and interpersonal intimacy.

The reasons why women enjoy game have been discussed ad nauseum. The brief answer is that more desirable women will want more game, because they can demand it. An attractive woman with a good job has many options and has less financial incentive to seek a “stable” guy. But this relationship is only a weak one- fat, ugly poor women might still want lots of game while a quality woman might not.

Regardless of what all the amateur sociobiologists of the game community say, the entire edifice of civilzation, particularly modern Western civilization, is designed to overcome these biological limitations. A woman who is likely to demand only a reasonable level of game- what might be classified as normal social and dating skills- is simply one who is mentally healthy and has experienced positive, healthy male-female relationships in her family, particularly between her parents.

If you are trying to fuck a woman, batting down her bad behavior en route to getting her legs apart will probably be neessary. If you are trying to establish a good relationship with a woman, all bad behavior must be considered as a potential deal breaker. The time between first meeting and first intercourse should be a time of best behavior for both parties; frankly any woman who “shit tests” you is a dumb bitch.

The best way to deal with bad behavior by a female you are just meeting is to dismiss it, and her. Having a vagina does not excuse behavior that would objectively be considered rude. If it would be considered rude if she did it to somebody else, it’s rude if she does it to you.

Omegas especially, but “gamers” in general, put too much emphasis on getting laid, like it proves you are OK. That’s the Sodini error. Your happiness and self-respect must come first.

Chances are the bitch is not worth it.


14 Responses to Are All Women Evil?

  1. virginat50 says:

    I’d like to meet one of those non-evil mentally healthy women who doesn’t need to be constantly entertained with game. But, most of them seem to be over the age of 70.

  2. Susan Walsh says:

    This is a good post, and I endorse it. Don’t tolerate bad behavior from women. You’ll save time and a lot of effort. Much better to hold out for a woman who is mentally healthy AND kind. They’re (we’re) out there!

  3. assman says:

    Looks like virgin at 50’s blog is dead.

    I knew this was going to happen.

    • I would liked to have seen more from Virgin At 50. You can always learn something from a guy’s troubles with women. However I have known some hard cases like himself and they usually have serious blocks which they won’t deal with. I think I gave him some good advice, such as going to a prostitute or a sex surrogate, looking outside the country, but most of all getting away from the ballroom dance scene, which is ground zero for prickteases, divas, prima donnas, game players, ice queens and just about every other variety of bitch.

  4. Mopenhauer says:

    Are women biologically programmed to reward cruelty, evil and domination?
    Of course any complaints that girls go for bad boys and jerks instantly labels one a nice guy beta males. To the extent that it is possible, I actually consider myself somewhat of an impartial outside observer. I was an omega jerk in JR and high school, and to an extent my whole psycho personality, worked and I had girls literally chasing me. A lot of it might have been self-delusion but some measures were objective. After that I was in nearly complete isolation in college. So I’ve never played the role of the bitter nice guy. I have NEVER done anything nice for a girl or anyone my entire life! So I think I have some claim to impartiality, and my position that my deep depression and heart anguish is purely on a metaphysical level.

    I read a lot of PUA seduction Game literature. At first my logic was it pays to learn all tools of rhetoric, persuasion and oratory even if I intended to put it to different uses than PUA.

    Anyway to put it at its simplest. In cavemen times women were just plaything rape slaves for the strongest ape. And that is what evolutionary psychology in chimpanzee and gorilla behavior proves. Now there might have been some brave women who defended their freedom to the death, but their selfish genes were lost to history. And the genes that all modern women have inherited is those who submit to the cruelest caveman with biggest club.

    I don’t know for me it is pretty hellish to live in a world where all men are sadists and all women are masochists.

    According to PUA science male physical attractiveness barely matters at all, the only thing women find attractive is brute domination and sadism.

    For the last year I’ve completely cut myself off from humanity. Who wants to live in a world of pure evil? Only evil is rewarded! Cruelty is the only virtue. What good is morality and ethics?

    So I’d like an outside opinion do you feel that women are biologically programmed to reward cruelty, evil and domination?

    • Venom Froggy says:

      It’s not that cruelty is a virtue, it’s just that in an evil world, you cannot expect goodness to be rewarded, let alone encouraged.

      You said it yourself, this is a world of pure evil. Let me correct you, a world of pure evil would be utterly incapable of love and compassion. If Earth truly was pure evil, nothing good could ever exist and we all would’ve destroyed each other centuries ago. In addition, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion, now would we? Because we’d be just as evil and depraved as everybody else, therefore, we’d have no cause for complaint.

      No, man, this world isn’t PURE evil, but it is VERY evil. It is far more evil than it is good. It is 80% evil and only 20% good, if you wanna use mathematical terms.

      You cannot bring goodness into a hostile environment such as this by wishing evil away (whether internal or external). You have to fight for it tooth and nail and be willing to fight the darkness of this world before light can issue forth.

      Goodness is something that must be defended, it must be protected, it simply cannot sustain itself like a cactus in the desert. Evil is something you must fight and defeat before good can take root and become strong, but even then, it must be defended from the wicked men and women who would love to turn that goodness into something just as depraved and abominable as themselves.

      No, cruelty and malice are not virtues. They are abominable vices that are REWARDED as virtues because you live in a very dark, corrupt and desperately wicked planet known as Earth.

      You wanna go to a world where good men are eagerly embraced and rewarded while evil is utterly shunned and hated the way it deserves to be? Then accept Jesus and die. Heaven is alot nicer than this shithole.

      And yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, I know. Some of you don’t believe you need Jesus to go to Heaven but I do. I’m a Christian and I’m just not in the mood for political correctness, okay?

    • Venom Froggy says:

      Oh yeah, before I forget.

      Goodness and morality are the only two things that keep brutality and sadism in check. It brings life to a world of death and destruction. In many ways, it actually keeps evil from destorying itself.

      Evil is alot like a fire and good is the forest. The forest doesn’t need fire, but the fire sure as hell needs the forest, doesn’t it? What happens when the forest fire runs out of forest? That’s right, it dies out.

      Don’t ever listen to anyone who tells you that good needs evil. That’s bullshit.

      Good, like that forest, can get along just fine without a blazing fire to torch it. But evil, like the fire, cannot survive without the good forest to keep it alive.

      It is EVIL that needs good, I don’t get how so many people can proclaim the opposite.

    • Venom Froggy says:

      However, it may sound like I’m advocating we all just let ourselves be vicitmized by evil, comforting ourselves with the knowledge that we are merely fulfilling our role as victims.

      No, evil can also be fought, but it isn’t easy.

      Fighting evil is like a fireman spraying a water hose, trying to kill the flames before it causes even further damage to the forest. He is surrounded by the flames, a towering inferno of hell looming on every side, yet he continues spraying until every spark is extinguished.

      This is what you call “fighting the good fight”. But it’s not an easy battle. It never is. And it’s not always victorious or safe, alot of hardy firemen have died in their battle against the blaze, yet they continue answering those emergency calls, don’t they? Can you imagine what would happen, the horrific damage that would occur if they all just said to themselves:

      “Oh, hell! What good is it to fight these flames, another one will just spring right up some place else! Fuck this shit, I’m gonna go have me some FUN! I’m-a go light up some Molotov Cocktails and throw ’em at people! So what if it’s wrong? Morality is futile, anyway, so why should I care?”

      It’s a scary image, isn’t it?

      THAT is why we need goodness and morality. Hope that helps.

  5. MQ says:

    Um, no, they are not. Women are no more biologically determined to be masochists than men are determined to be sadists.

    Mopenhauer gives us the logical end state of “game” thinking. The combined fear and idealization of women keeps men from recognizing their simple humanity. You can see humanity as a depressing truth, since humans (men and women) are weak and flawed and have the capacity for cruelty, or you can choose to look on the positive side, since humans are resourceful and adaptable and have the capacity for kindness.

    There’s a certain type around PUA who were badly injured by women when they were younger (Roissy is a hangout for people like this) and really can’t forgive them.

  6. deathvajra says:

    Trust me, if you want to get the attention of women, put on some nice clothing and walk around like you’re mad as hell. Make it seem as though you are preoccupied with whatever is on your mind and pay no attention to them. They will turn around and follow you. They will address you as ‘sir’. Try it.

    I’m 32 and I know the absolute quickest way into a woman’s pants. Be a sociopath.

    Make them feel as though they are worthless. Make them feel as though they are utterly expendable. Act as though you are a God and they are but a mere mortal.

    They will pay homage to you. They will perform offerings to you. They will bow down before you and worship you.

    I speak from much experience. You will not convince me otherwise.

    • Venom Froggy says:

      “Be a sociopath.”

      How the fuck can anyone claim that humanity is inherently good when the only way to get into a hot chick’s pants is to be evil?

      What the fucking fuck?

  7. vasafaxa says:

    The question is what do you consider bitchy behavior?

    Flaking on you at the last minute sure?
    Deciding not to give you sex on the first date?
    Wearing a color that you have a deep objection too?

    It seems like often bitchy behavior is as defined as “any kind of behavior the guy doesn’t like”, not as seriously offensive behavior. Girls make this mistake too.

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