Lifestyle Conditions And The Omega

Hat tip to Roissy,

a reader of whose posted a link to his blog in the comments to this Slate article, which was deleted-

Ben Stiller seems to be playing the kind of character he often does, a kind of hapless guy, and the article describes other such types in recent movies, using the term “omega male.”

And yet Roosh talks about getting laid while living in his parents’ basement-

(Links are messed up in WordPress. Copy and paste if you give a shit. I’m a- well I’m not going to say what I do for a living, but I’m not an HTML programmer.)

I have to give props to Roosh. The Force is truly with him. This post points the way to victory for the omega male.

It’s all about framing. I have mentioned this before; but it bears repeating. How you tell your story affects how both you and other people feel about it. It is better to be off the totem pole than at the bottom; some wolves lead the pack and set out on their own-

Note the Wikipedia article gives a lot of negative shading to the idea of a person who is independent and not dependent on interacting with others. But independence is a valued masculine trait; the only question is are you really independent.

You must think of yourself, and function in reality as, an independent contractor. As a omega you are probably providing some kind of service, skilled or unskilled. The question is, can you pull up stakes and do the same job elsewhere tomorrow? If you can you are independent; if not you are in reality an omega in your organization.

Beyond job skills and qualifications is your personal financial situation. Do you have any debt? How much savings do you have? Ideally no debt and at least three months of living expenses; probably six is better. If that’s not the case, start paying down debt and saving money now.

Fortunately and age of conspicuous consumption is coming to an end, and frugality is starting to look almost cool. Your modest possessions are testament to your financial conservatism and desire for independence, not lack of resources. And when any “30K millionaire” can lease a Lexus or buy a McMansion, these things become pretty meaningless. And by now most of the Lexuses have been repossessed and the McMansions foreclosed on.

Be a lone wolf, a hired gun, a mercenary, make that your choice, and let people know that’s your choice. Don’t be embarrassed, don’t apologize or make excuses. Not everyone will go for it but enough will.


3 Responses to Lifestyle Conditions And The Omega

  1. jmkaye says:

    In other words, live like an artist.

  2. virginat50 says:

    I don’t know how Roosh does it. I can’t even turn my lifestyle strengths into strengths with women.

    • It’s all a Jedi mind trick. You have to be nonchalant, and to be nonchalant you have to not care. It’s much easier to not care about how a woman responds to you if you have had recent success with some other woman. Otherwise, you have to pretend, which is tough.

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